What Happened To Georgina?

 (Georgina Gharsallah, Picture credit: planetradio)

It's nearly been 6 years since Georgina Gharsallah vanished without a trace after stepping foot outside of her Mother's doorstep in West Sussex (England) on the 7th of March 2018. Nobody has heard or seen from Georgina since. Numerous attempts at bringing awareness to her disappearance and public appeals for information have been shared over the years by the police and her family, in particularly her mother, Andrea who has worked tirelessly trying to find out what happened to her daughter. 

It's hard to imagine what it must feel like for a parent to have a child vanish, no matter how old they are. Georgina was 30 years old but she was still Andrea's daughter, still her child and the never-ending pain and wondering that she must go through every day must be indescribable. 

Georgina was no angel and her family were very honest about that and their thoughts on her lifestyle which could prove to be pretty hectic at times due to alcohol, too much partying and smoking cannabis. Georgina also had relationship problems and there always seemed to be some kind of drama going on with her life. 

(Georgina Gharsallah. Picture credit: Sussex Police)

At the time of her disappearance she was just 30 years old, had two children and a complicated on/off relationship with her partner. Money was tight too and she struggled to find employment. When Georgina left her mother's house that morning (she had recently moved in with her mother due to financial difficulties) she was supposed to be attending an appointment at her local Jobcentre and had plans to meet her father, she never appeared at either meeting. At the time nobody raised any eyebrows because this was apparently quite typical of Georgina at the point in her life, she had gained the unfortunate reputation for being unreliable. 

Before leaving her mother's home she had borrowed some money in order to have her phone repaired, she had planned to stop off somewhere on her errands to the Jobcentre and meeting her father to try and have her phone fixed. Whilst the police were investigating her disappearance they stumbled upon some CCTV from a local grocery store that she had called into after just leaving her mother's house that morning. The owner of the store has mentioned that she was asking advice about where to have her phone repaired so he advised her. This is the last known footage of Georgina, after this she simply vanished. There was no record of her attending any phone shops and her phone was tracked by investigators showing that it had last been used around 3am that morning and all traces had left by 11:30am there was nothing else after that. So either her battery was faulty and ceased to work or someone had switched the phone off and destroyed it in order for it not to be traced. 

(Last known sighting of Georgina. Picture credit: Sussex Police)

Georgina was not reported missing straight off the bat, her mother Andrea didn't contact the police until the 17th of March so some time had passed considerably before any proper search could be done. In that amount of time frame anything could have happened and valuable evidence lost but Andrea had claimed at the time that Georgina had a habit of going away for days and not showing up until some time later. 

So what happened to Georgina? Where is she? Theories and speculations have continued over the years with so many questions but no answers. Some people believe that she had become fed up with her life and the problems she had been going through at the time and decided to start a new life somewhere. Some people believe that she was kidnapped and forced into a horrible human trafficking ring and others believe that she had taken her own life. 

It's heartbreaking to have no answers as to what happened to this beautiful woman, just because she had been going through some trying times, it is no less important or tragic that she is nowhere to be seen and her family are suffering. 

I aim to include more missing persons cases on this blog, especially as we go into a new year (2024). Every little helps and I feel that the more we talk about such cases the more chance that possibly someone somewhere might recognise a face or some details and end up picking up the phone and calling the police. The tiniest bit of information could mean so much in a missing persons case. 

As I mentioned at the start of the post, it has nearly been 6 years since Georgina disappeared and all of her bank cards have not been used. It leaves a chill down the spine because the truth is that it does look bleak but I always say that you should never give up hope. We've actually seen cases where people have been returned to their families safe and well decades later. Thanks to the incredible advances in DNA technology today we are able to solve cases from 30 years ago. We have come so far but an eye witness statement or the tiniest detail from an onlooker in the street can mean so much. 

I hope and pray that Andrea and her family get some answers as soon as possible and also for Georgina's children. So if anyone reading this knows anything, even the tiniest bit of information, don't be scared to pick up the phone and contact the police in confidence. 

I hope for a positive end and closure to this case and it is always important to have hope in such circumstances. 

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