Narcissistic Mother Killed Her Children Because They Got In The Way of Her Sugarbaby Lifestyle | Louise Porton

(Louise Porton. Picture credits: Mirror & BBC News)

The death of a child is always a heartbreaking situation, whether it be through illness or a tragic accident, the pain is all too real but when you learn that a child has lost their lives at the hands of their own Mother or Father, this is just almost too much to bare. In this week's post I've took another change of direction and come back to a more local UK crime. I like to post something different every week, from unknown cases to infamous cases. In this post I'm going to be talking about the hideous individual in the picture above, the self-proclaimed 'model' who lived for herself and herself only and would stop at nothing when it came to money.

In this case I will be talking about the deaths of young children so please be aware that some of the details will be quite upsetting, I will try to be as sensitive as I can. 

So I'll start with the background into Louise Porton's life and to say there was red flags and trouble from the start, is an understatement. You know the saying ''He/She would steal off their own granny given half the chance'', well Louise Porton certainly did that, amongst other things. Born in 1997 she'd always been a problem child. Her family did their best to tolerate her strange outbursts at family gatherings but she continued to isolate herself and nobody could understand why. There was no abusive situation going on or problems in the family to give some sort of understanding as to why her behaviour was so hostile towards others.

Her attitude to the younger kids in the family was appalling, the kids would want her to play with them and join in the fun but she would scream at them and use profanities. If one of the children dare sit next to her on the sofa she would shout at them. It seemed that nobody was safe from her outbursts. As well as the shouting and bawling at the kids and the adults, she liked to cause harm to the children and then pretend she didn't touch them when they ran to the adults with tears in their eyes. It seemed that she enjoyed being sadistic, she enjoyed causing drama and upset. If there ever was birthday party or happy occasion, you could bet your bottom dollar that Louise would put a negative spin on it somehow. 

When she was 11 her Mother ran off with another man and left her and her siblings with her Father. Her Father did the best that he could as well as the family pitching in but the abandonment of her Mother was to forever leave a scar on Louise and her behaviour just continued to get worse. Her Mother attempted to have some form of contact with her later on but Louise didn't want to know, as far as she was concerned, her Mother picked her boyfriend over her kids and that was that. 

At the weekends, Louise would go to her Grandmother's house, her Grandmother was like a second Mother to her and she was always fed well and looked after. Instead of being grateful and appreciative of her Grandmother's kindness, she decided to cause mayhem at her house too and started to steal from her. When the family found out about this a storm erupted and the rot between Louise and her family continued to grow until Louise left and decided to cut her family off. 

Instead of sitting down and talking with her family or maybe looking into some form of professional help in regards to her behaviour, Louise's attitude was that it was all their fault and she was the innocent victim. In her mid to late teens she started sleeping around and getting into all sorts of trouble with various boys. She would would perform sex acts on anyone who gave her attention and if they treated her well, she'd sleep with them. Louise soon realised that she was quite popular with men because of her figure, flirty behaviour and short skirts and dresses. When one of the men she had an encounter with, gave her some money, she thought that she could make a living out of it. 

She became a sugarbaby. There are two types of sugarbabies, there is the one's who talk to men online via OnlyFans (or some other form of site) and money is exchanged but neither physically meet. Then there's the other kind that meet men in public, have dinner with them and then it's decided if sexual intercourse is going to occur. Obviously the ones who meet men for dinner will make more money if they decide to sleep with the guy. In a lot of cases where money in exchange for sex is involved, sugarbaby is a fancy way of giving this transaction a label instead of coming out with the words 'prostitute', 'Escort' or 'Hooker'. In Louise's case, she told everybody that she was a model.

She signed up to quite a few sites under the name 'Lollipop' and would talk to men, she would engage in 'sexting' (where two people exchange sexually explicit texts about what they would like to do to each other) & phonecalls, she would send nude pictures and would meet men for sexual encounters. Despite having an average appearance she managed to make a living out of it and she loved the attention. 

She began a relationship with a guy and in the beginning it all looked like she'd turned a corner and finally settled down, they had two children together but it soon turned sour and nobody knows why. All we know is that Louise left this man whilst pregnant with their second child and refused to let him near either of the girls. He didn't even get the chance to hold his baby girl. Whatever the situation was between them as a couple, the man had a right to at least have some sort of visitation right to his children especially as he posed no threat to them and was described as a decent man. People saw it as another one of Louise's games. 

Fed up with being a Mother and having responsibilities, Louise continued on with sex work, she was still young herself at only 21. Some people would say that having two kids at 21 is a lot to take on and could maybe understand why she struggled because usually at that age you're out clubbing with your friends. In Louise's case, she didn't care, she went out clubbing, she acted like she was a single, care-free, no kids type of person. The girls (Lexi, who was 3 & Scarlett who was 17 months) were either left alone in the house or she'd dump them off somewhere with either her sister or a babysitter. 

She remained hostile towards her family despite their efforts to help her with the girls. Her sister was the one who managed to get some sort of relationship with her but even then, that was hard work and the pair would often end up arguing because of Louise's lack of parenting skills. Her sister did the best she could to look after the kids whilst Louise was out and even their Mother tried her best but Louise continued to be ungrateful and took advantage of people. Whenever anyone tried to talk to her about her behaviour as a Mother, she didn't want to know, it was her way or the high way. 

As well as difficult relationships with family members, Louise had a hard time keeping friendships too. She was a toxic person to be around and it was always about what people could do for her. 

She was addicted to the sex work and the attention from the creeps who paid her for sex. They became more important than her daughters and these men (customers, sugardaddies etc) would be invited back to the very small flat that she had (it's often been described as a bedsit) and whilst her two little girls were in the same room sleeping, she would have sex with these strange men basically in front of her own kids. Some of the guys would even ask if it was ok to have sex with the kids asleep in the room, her response was ''It'll be fine, we can do it if we are quiet''. Even writing this makes me feel sick, I think anyone who could have sexual intercourse in a room where children are present is just utterly vile, I can't even find the words for it and if you are a guy who is able to 'perform' in such circumstances, well, in my book that's peadophile territory.

It's not known what was the trigger for Louise doing what she was eventually to do where the girls were concerned, she continued with the sex work no matter where the girls were. She didn't seem to care what they saw, what they heard or what danger she was putting them in. 

It was no secret that Louise hated being a Mother, despite being blessed with two beautiful little girls, she just didn't have a maternal bone in her body. She didn't have care for anyone at the best of times, all she saw and cared about was herself and although out in public she dressed the girls nice and acted like Mum of the year, at home she was verbally and physically abusing the girls. 

(Little angels, Lexi & Scarlett. Picture credit: BBC News)

In the same week of January 2018, Lexi had been admitted to the hospital twice. At the first admittance Louise claimed that Lexi was having breathing difficulties, the poor little angel was in a poor state and the Medical team did what they could to help the child and on that occasion they were able to help her to pull through. Instead of being an emotional wreck at her daughter's bedside, Louise was acting like the whole thing was such an inconvenience for her. Not a tear in her eye or care, you'd think she'd be hugging the Doctors to say thank you but not a thing. Instead, whilst Lexi was in the hospital bed, Louise was on her phone talking to creepy Tom, Dick & Harry arranging meet-ups, sending nude pictures and thinking about how much money she was going to make. 

Lexi was a tough little cookie and was able to leave the hospital but Doctors were shocked to see her back again a couple of days later, this time they couldn't save her and it was heartbreaking. Louise showed no emotion and instead ran off to the bathroom to take topless pictures of herself to send to a man online in exchange for some cash. 

The heartless behaviour continued when Louise was at the funeral parlour, she was overheard laughing and joking on the phone. One of the staff noticed that she was talking to a man on FaceTime about meeting up. 

Just a few weeks after this, Louise murdered Scarlett and pretended to the paramedics that she had no idea what had happened, she told them she had the flu just like Lexi. 

Louise was trying to make out that both the girls had died from some bizarre flu-like illness and the Doctors struggled to find out what exactly caused their deaths. To anyone reading this post and to the people who knew Louise, it wouldn't be that hard to work out exactly what took place here, both of the girls dying in weeks of each other, Louise's behaviour and lack of love and care towards her kids. It was obvious and the cops investigated further and found some interesting internet searches on Louise's computer. 

Louise had been browsing in between chatting to men online. She looked up various killing methods to do with death, drowning, how to cover up a crime etc. After further investigation it was determined that both girls had died of some form of asphyxiation and Louise was arrested. 

She stood trial in 2019 and was found guilty and sentenced to a minimum of 32 years. When told of her fate, she simply stared down at her shoes. At no point during the trial did she show any remorse or apology what what she had done. 

Louise is currently serving her sentence in HM Prison Foston Hall in Derbyshire, England. 

In a sad and strange turn of events to the case, her estranged Mother took her own life in February 2020. It was reported that she had received a lot of online abuse because of what Louise had done and she was also tormented by what had happened. 

This was another tough case to cover and one that I found on my list of cases from a while ago. It's heartbreaking on so many levels. I think about how lucky Louise was to have had such beautiful little girls, it was her role to look after them, protect them and love them, instead she hurt these poor babies and what for? Money? Attention? The fact of the matter is, she should never have had children in the first place, knowing what we know about her now, you can imagine that she thought she would get more welfare money or something if she had kids. She certainly didn't want to be a Mother. As for her family, they expressed an interested in looking after the girls many times but Louise would have none of it. 

Why was Louise Porton the way that she was? What caused all of this? The family say there was no abuse but could it be possible that something happened to Louise somewhere away from the family home? Or was she just born evil? She never wanted to show love or be around people when she was a child so we cannot attribute this to Postnatal Depression. Louise was 21 when she murdered her children, not only has she taken these beautiful girls lives, caused her Mother to end hers and the family to be traumatised, she's wasted her own life. At 21 she was almost just a kid herself, certainly in her behaviour but that's no excuse for what she did. 

RIP Lexi and Scarlett, fly high beautiful little angels, you will never be forgotten. 

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I would like to thank you as always if you've made it this far in my post, I know it's never easy to read and hear about these situations. We live in a horrible world sometimes, there is a lot of good in this world but there's a lot of evil too. There's people out there trying so hard to start a family or maybe can't afford to have one and would have given anything to have two beautiful daughters like Lexi and Scarlett. Louise is a twisted, evil and selfish narcissist and one wonders what must be going through her mind as she sits in her prison cell tonight , thinking about all those sexual favours with dirty old men for money, well that money is no use to her now. She had two of the most precious things in life that no money could ever buy and she ended their lives and threw hers away in the process. 

I hope you will join me again in my next post and I hope to see you on my Socials too.

Take care of yourselves x 

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  1. Hello Jo,

    I just finished your new True Crime case.

    I couldn’t agree more with you Jo, there isn’t anything more heartbreaking than a case involving children, especially when it’s involving a parent, a member of the family or a relative. I can’t understand these crimes, it’s beyond sad. When it’s involved the mother, taking the life of her own children, I just can’t find the word.

    Louise Porton is not a person, she’s EVIL. Her behavior was always horrendous. That monster shouldn’t have been a parent. She was so cruel preventing the father of her first two children to see them. She had sex with all these men in the same room of her kids, that is so disturbing. So many red flags.

    When I saw the picture of the two little angels, I was so emotional. These children were adorable and they had their life ahead of them.

    When Lexi passed away, I was in total shock. When I read about the crime and also the behavior of Louise Porton taking topless pictures. I can’t find the proper word to describe her. Killing both of her own children like she did is pure evilness.

    Her monstrous behaviour was too much for her own mother that took her own life. So sad and heartbreaking.

    Louise could have accepted the help of her family but she was too selfish, careless, and heartless to do that.

    RIP Lexi and Scarlett, poor little angels Xx

    Thank you so much for your masterful work Jo, you’re amazing