One of The Worst Cases You Will Ever Read About: The Horrific Murder of Suzanne Rossetti | Part Two

 (Suzanne Rossetti. Picture credits: findagrave)

Continued from part one Please be aware that I will be sharing some disturbing details in this post. 

Jesse and Michael were originally planning to do a raid but when they saw Suzanne they quickly changed their minds and talked about possibly taking money from her. Once Suzanne had finished in the store she went outside to find that she accidentally locked herself out of her car so she went back inside the store and asked the clerk if he could help her. 

The clerk behind the register explained to her that he was sorry but he wasn't allowed to leave the store. Suzanne went back outside and paced around for a bit just trying to figure out what to do. The whole time she was unknowingly being watched by Jesse and Michael. They could sense that she was alone and vulnerable and swooped in, approaching her they asked if there was anything they could do to help. 

Suzanne explained what had happened and seemed a bit embarrassed about the situation. The two men were a lot taller than her too but they were so friendly to her and agreed to help. Suzanne was so innocent in her thinking that she just thought these two men were doing her a good turn, being good samaritains just like she would have been if the situation had been different. Jesse and Michael were putting on the act of being the perfect gentlemen and told Suzanne that they worked with horses at a ranch. They finally got the car open and she was so happy because meeting her parents at the time promised was very important to her and she didn't want to keep them waiting any longer.

The store clerk was aware of what was happening and could clearly see Jesse and Michael with Suzanne. Being grateful and thankful to who she thought were two kind men, she asked them if there was anything she could do. They asked for some beer so she brought that out to them and went to get into her car when they asked if they could have a ride to the ranch. At this point Suzanne must have felt a bit uneasy, placed in a difficult position because these two men had just helped her. At this point it is unclear whether Jesse and Michael forced Suzanne into the car or if she agreed to give them a ride. Suzanne was always careful to keep herself safe and was not the sort of person who would give rides to strangers especially two men. 

Once at the ranch and the car stopped, Jesse violently struck Suzanne twice so loudly that it apparently startled Michael. Jesse then proceeded to push Suzanne out of the car and followed after her. Whist Jesse tore away at Suzanne's clothes and raped her, Michael went through her purse and searched her car for valuables. Once Jesse was finished with Suzanne he tried to encourage Michael to do the same but he wanted to drive to another location as he was concerned that someone might see what was happening. 

The sick pair forced Suzanne to put her trousers back on and tied up her hands with some towels they found in the car. They forced her into the back of the vehicle and covered her with a blanket. Jesse got into the front and drove the car whilst Michael sat in the back holding Suzanne down and threatening her with worse to come if she dare make a sound. 

To try and imagine what must have been going through Suzanne's mind whilst all of this horror was going on is impossible. The monsters put the radio on and turned the volume way up whilst drinking beer and smoking weed as if the whole sickening thing was a party. They even stopped at one point to buy more alcohol with Suzanne's money. 

At one point they decided since they'd run out of beer and money that they would go to Suzanne's apartment and see what they could find there. They forced Suzanne to give directions. It was on this journey that Suzanne's parents, Peter and Louise spotted Suzanne's car driving past as they were waiting for her and becoming very concerned. At the time they weren't sure that it was Suzanne's car because there was two men in the front seat and what looked like a child sat in between the middle of them (Louise would later say that this moment haunted her for the rest of her life because she remembered the look on this girl or woman's face and it was a look of sheer sorrow that she didn't even recognise that the person was Suzanne).

Once in Suzanne's apartment, Jesse raped her again whilst Michael went through her drawers and cupboards looking for money and valuables, smoking and listening to loud rock & roll music as he did so. During the raid of Suzanne's apartment he found her ATM card. 

When Jesse was finished assaulting Suzanne he called for Michael to come to the room that they were in and a discussion about the ATM card ensued. They wanted to know exactly how much money Suzanne had and she tried to tell them. Jesse ordered Michael to rape Suzanne and he followed through with the order. Jesse then took over the raid of Suzanne's apartment so see what else he could find and stuffed two hundred dollars into a pillowcase. Once this horrific act was over they forced Suzanne to put her clothes on and they decided to leave the apartment. They left Suzanne's apartment at 12:47 am.

Around the same time that Suzanne's horrendous ordeal was taking place at her apartment, her parents were on the phone to the Phoenix police department and were told that they couldn't report Suzanne missing because it hadn't been 24 hours. 

By 2:10 am Jesse and Michael were driving around trying to use Suzanne's ATM card, they managed to get $200 but were struggling to withdraw more money. Their images were captured by a camera on the cash machines. They were trying to decided what to do next with Suzanne, they wanted the money from the ATM card so badly as Suzanne had told them that her account had $4.000 in it. She was still tied up in the car and they didn't want to let her go because they knew that they'd both be going back to jail for even longer this time. 

The monsters decided to drive to a popular mountain range known as the 'Superstition Mountains' and once there they pulled Suzanne out of the car. Suzanne was by now exhausted, filthy with cuts and bruises and said to the two vile creatures stood before her ''I guess you are going to kill me now?'

In these horrific moments you get a sense that Suzanne was beyond caring, she had gone through a nightmare, a living hell and come to a point where she just did not care and who could blame her, they had numbed her of not only the feeling in her arms and legs from being bound but from the pain, the terror because at that point she was beyond it. When I've researched horrific cases previously where someone has been tortured over a number of hours and put through sheer hell (but by some miracle later escaped) they often say a point comes where you welcome death, you just want it all over with and you become fearless because you just want the suffering to stop. Death is peace, death is like escape. 

I wish I could find the most evil of names to call Jesse James Gillies and Michael David Logan but how I feel about them cannot be put into words. I have a deep hatred and anger mixed with disgust and sheer disbelief when it comes to the pair of them. 

Suzanne was stood there in front of these monsters in the middle of nowhere and it was freezing cold. She knew they were going to kill her but was not going to go down without a fight. What a brave, amazing woman she truly was. 

They both took turns raping her again and then told her to move because they were going for a hike. Suzanne turned to them and said ''I'm not going anywhere with you''. Jesse responded to her by slapping her across the face and saying ''Yes you are, you're going hiking'' 

Continued in part three..

Further reading and sources are included in part three of this case series. 

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