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This year will be the 10th anniversary of the passing of one of the most amazing entertainers the world has ever seen, Michael Jackson! To me, Michael was the greatest entertainer that ever lived and even to this day there's nobody that can compare to him.

You'd think that we'd all be celebrating his amazing legacy as we look towards his 10th anniversary but sadly we have another attempt at tarnishing Michael's name for money by two backstabbers who have suddenly decided in recent years that they were abused by him, despite the fact that they'd repeatedly said for years that nothing ever happened and how MJ was such an inspiration to them. They've tried to get money out of MJ's estate before but that didn't work and now they have made a documentary which will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival. HBO (have also backstabbed Michael for money, despite the fact that MJ gave them their highest rated special ever in 1992) and channel 4 over here in the UK have plans to broadcast it around spring. 

Despite Michael being cleared of all charges during that ridiculous trial in 2005 and the FBI conducting a thorough 10 year investigation into him to only find nothing, We still have to keep defending him and reminding people of the racial barriers that he had broken down, the things that he achieved, Michael broke the world record for the most charities ever supported by a pop star (Guinness World Records). He changed music videos and the music industry, he united people of various backgrounds and faiths with his music. He inspired dancers, musicians and artists all over the world. These are the things that he should be remembered for because he deserves to be celebrated for the innocent, kind and wonderful person that he was.

Michael's been an inspiration to me since childhood and I remember as a 9 year old writing to a newspaper telling them to leave him alone. Michael was unique, child like and had a love for children which sinister people have tried to twist in order to make money out of him. Michael has been the victim of various attempts at extortion and people who were once friends, people who he helped, have turned their back on him for money and publicity. 

Luckily Michael has an amazing fan base the 'MJ Fam' who are dedicated to keeping his amazing legacy alive and he also has true friends and family members who have supported him and still keep his memory alive.

It's very sick that this documentary of lies will be shown when this year marks 10 years since Michael died, a horrible attempt at making money and boosting ratings. 

I'm shocked that HBO, Channel 4 and the Sundance Film Festival would want to be involved with such garbage but of course they'll only be thinking of the money and the ratings that they can make from it. Vultures everywhere!

None of these people have stopped to think of how this will affect MJ's children, his family, his fans. 

Michael said it best in his song 'Money' about these types of money grabbing people - ''They don't care, they use me for the money''. 

When I found out about this documentary I was seething. Last night I read a tweet from Michael's nephew 'Taj' and I was excited to read that he is planning to create a documentary which is going to celebrate his uncle's legacy but will also (for once and for all) blow the lid off of all the extortion attempts, the lies, the blackmail and show the true hell that Michael had to go through at the hands of greedy, selfish people. 

Taj is currently fundraising for this documentary series and says it will be explosive! He goes into full detail about what the documentary will entail and also Michael's background for those who may be unfamiliar with the full story, he also reminds you that Michael was found to be 100% innocent and died an innocent and exonerated man, you can find the fundraiser and the full details here 

You can also show your support for Michael by following his social media platforms on:

''Lies run in sprints, but the truth runs marathons''. - Michael Jackson  1958 - 2009

You may also find this video on YouTube interesting. It details the real story about Michael Jackson and one of the accusers featured in this upcoming documentary 'Leaving Neverland' Wade Robson who had sworn many times in both court room documents and countless public interviews that nothing sinister ever happened between him and Michael. Robson only started making these allegations in 2012 when his career was non existent and he was still salty about not being involved with Michael's Cirque Du Soleil shows. The other accuser Jimmy Safechuck, has also stated many times and in court documents that nothing happened with him either. This video was well put together and gives you a timeline of the friendship between Robson & Michael from the beginning to now.

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