Caledonian Kitty is written and maintained solely by myself. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and 100% genuine.

True crime cases:

I always thoroughly research cases and I always include my sources as well as picture credits for any photographs I use. I write about these cases solely for educational purposes and the posts are not sponsored. I aim to write about the cases as respectfully as I can when it comes to the victims and the victims families. If you would like to discuss any of my posts further with me or would like me to remove a photograph, please feel free to email me at: caledoniankblog@yahoo.co.uk

Brand collaborations/reviews: 

I have full artistic control over all of my content and pictures included in my posts are my own. If I was ever to use a brand's picture I would ask for permission first and credit them in the post. If you would like to use one of my pictures on your website, Instagram etc please contact me first.

Some of my posts will contain items that have been gifted or sponsored. At the end of the post I always include an * with the details to inform the reader.

Sometimes I include a brand's social media links or a link to a product that I have purchased (or been gifted) as a goodwill gesture and to make it easier for the person reading my post to find the product to purchase. I do not use affiliate links. If someone was to click on these links I would not benefit financially from it.

I'm a vegetarian and anti-fur so you'll find no items featured on my blog that contain animal fur.

I reserve the right to refuse to produce a post if the item is not sponsored or I have had a bad experience with the brand/item/or if it has not been requested by me or suitable for my blog.

I also reserve the right to remove a post if I have had a negative experience with a brand/pr (It's very rare that I remove a post but I'm mentioning it here for future reference that any form of harassment will not be tolerated by me)

And finally, if you are a brand who's thinking of requesting to feature or be promoted by me on my blog/social media without the intention of sending me an item to review or provide payment for my hard work. Please refrain as I will not respond.

For any questions of queries, please contact: caledoniankblog@yahoo.co.uk 

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