What Happened To Heather Elvis? | Part Two

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A local policeman was patrolling the area around the Peachtree Boat Landing and found Heather's car parked up, nothing seemed untoward but he went to inform Heather's Dad 'Terry' just to be on the safe side. When he arrived at Heather's family home and asked him if his car was missing, Terry thought at first that the policeman had made a mistake, that all of his family members cars were there but then he remembered about Heather's car and decided to grab the spare set of keys that he had for her car and went with the policeman to Peachtree Boat Landing.

When they got there, Terry opened the car door and had a look inside (some people were not happy that the policeman had allowed Terry to touch what was considered a potential crime scene). Heather's car had clothes and items all over the place but to those that knew her, this was not unusual for Heather, she would always have things piled up and out of place. Terry did notice that her keys, purse and phone were missing. He tried calling her (as did many relatives and friends) over and over again but the call would just go straight to voicemail.

Heather's family and friends were hoping that Heather would return, that she possibly had a night out (they knew she'd been on a date), had a bit too much to drink and stayed at a friends house. It wasn't unusual for Heather not to check in with family members, afterall she was a young woman and people in their 20s don't tend to call their parents every 5 minutes. However the frightening fact that she was missing became clear so her family, friends and members of the local community set about searching for her, holding vigils and prayer meetings. They created posters, leaflets and set up a facebook page: Find Heather Elvis

Whilst police were looking for Heather and doing their investigations, suspicions soon quickly fell on Sidney and Tammy Moorer due to the evidence of the texts, phonecalls and public knowledge of the affair between Heather and Sidney.

Sidney and Tammy would also post on facebook about the situation and spoke very disrespectful of Heather and her family. Sidney posted: ''Heather was a girl who traded oral sex for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes'' amongst other things. Tammy also posted messages including a reply to a friend: '' Well, Sidney cheated on me in the months of Sept/Oct with a psycho whore who has since went missing''. Full transcripts of all the posts that Sidney and Tammy had made during this time can be found online.

The Moorers were also claiming to be victims of harassment by members of the local community and Heather's Dad Terry but nobody was ever charged.

The couple already had run ins with the law for Medicare fraud and Sidney had a previous altercation with his father in law.

(Sidney and Tammy Moorer. Photo cred: WMBF News)

Four months after Heather went missing, both Tammy and Sidney were charged with murder, indecent exposure and obstruction of justice. The murder and obstruction charges were later dropped in 2016 but Sidney was convicted of the obstruction of justice charge in 2017.

Two relatives of Heather's were also charged in 2014 with obstruction of justice for doing their own independent investigation into Heather's disappearance.

Sidney's 2017 trial ended in a hung jury, he's currently due to have a retrial (possibly this year. I've read that it could be around June or July but nobody knows for sure).

Shortly after the mistrial, both Sidney and Tammy were indicted on an additional charge of conspiracy. Tammy Moorer was convicted of both charges when she stood trial in October 2018. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

To this day both Sidney and Tammy protest their innocence and claim to have had nothing to do with Heather Elvis's disappearance or possible murder.

Bizarre behaviour: 

Sidney told police officers during his questioning that Tammy would handcuff him to the bed every night to make sure that he didn't leave the house.

Tammy also forced Sidney to get her name tattooed above his crotch and was overheard telling him ''Well, this wouldn't have happened if you didn't mess around with that girl''. A topless picture of Sidney showing off the tattoo was later posted on facebook, there was also a gun attached to his hip.

The Moorers also claimed that they couldn't have been anywhere near Peachtree Boat Landing because they were too busy having sex in another public place.

Both Tammy (40 at the time) and Sidney (37 at the time) were obsessed with Disney and when I say Obsessed, I mean OBSESSED.

At one point during their postings and ramblings on facebook they accused Heather's father of sexually abusing her and that he had something to do with her disappearance.
Two men who were unrelated to the Elvis family and the Moorers were arrested for trolling online and posting false information about the case. They were later released as the police had thoroughly investigated them and found them to be just a couple of sad guys looking to just troll.

To this day, none of Heather's family or friends know where she is, is she's still alive or what really went on in those early hours of that morning but all the evidence points in the direction of the Moorers.


On the night of Heather's disappearance, Sidney was spotted on CCTV buying a pregnancy test and a cigar. Who buys a pregnancy test at that time of the morning and who was it for?

Who calls someone in the early hours of the morning out of the blue to tell them they're leaving their wife? you could say this could be the actions of someone drunk? Sidney to my knowledge was completely sober that night.

Why did Sidney lie about the phonecalls before he had to admit that they happened after the CCTV footage was discovered?

Why did he make out that the affair didn't last as long as it actually did?

Why did he call Heather from a payphone, was he doing that so it couldn't be traced back to him?

If he didn't care that much for Heather, why did he constantly come into work on his days off, bringing her Coffee and bagels?

There's quite a few details that I haven't touched on about Sidney and Tammy Moorer which you can find elsewhere online, I've focused on the main points but it all looks shady to me.

Because there is no body or any sign of where Heather could be despite searches it's really hard to know what really happened, all I know is that I very much believe, based on all of this evidence that they had something to do with Heather's disappearance.

Heather was a beautiful young woman and I believe that Tammy was jealous and angry (she had a right to be furious because of the affair but it was later found out that she was talking to younger men online) and could the thought of Heather being pregnant have pushed Tammy over the edge? A lot of people have said (and I believe this myself) that Tammy was the boss in her marriage to Sidney and that he did whatever he was told. I'm not letting him off the hook, I'm not 100% sure what he did or didn't do but I believe he was part of it and one is just as guilty as the other.

Some people were leaving nasty comments about Heather elsewhere on social media because she had the affair with Sidney. People make mistakes and she was only 20 years old. We've all done things we regret and you don't know what lies Sidney had been telling her, she thought his marriage was as good as over and she was quite naive. She doesn't deserve what's happened to her.

Right now, Heather should be enjoying her career in the beauty industry, living her life, being with her family and who knows, she could have been married with children by now. I don't believe that she ran away, she had everything to look forward to, things were getting better, she landed her dream job and a potential new relationship.

I'm glad that Tammy's in prison and like I mentioned earlier, Sidney is due his retrial so I will update on that when it happens. I hope the full truth comes out. I hope that one of them cracks and starts talking. The family and friends of Heather deserve closure. I'm not a psychic though, this is just my opinion and I would love it if Heather returned to her family.

Heather's tribute garden at Peachtree Boat Landing. Owner of photo unknown.

I hope the truth comes out soon, Heather deserves justice.

UPDATE 2020: Along with his wife Tammy, Sidney Moorer's re-trial resulted in him being sentenced to 30 years in prison. His re-trial took place in September 2019, Tammy was sentenced to 30 years in 2018. Both charged with kidnapping. Both still claim to this day that they are innocent. We can but hope that at some point one of them cracks and gives the Elvis family proper closure. 

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  1. This is such a sad story! It is so tragic for Heather's family and friends. I pray that in the near future the complete truth will come out, and that those two criminals never see the light of day outside of prison!!