The Dark & Haunting History Of Overtoun Bridge

 (Overtoun Bridge in Dumbarton, Scotland. Picture credit;

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll notice that this post is a little bit different to my other weekly true crime posts but it is still technically true crime related with a bit of mystery and paranormal thrown in. I've had the idea for this post for a while but I wasn't quite sure how to fit it into my weekly true crime cases but anyway, here it is. 

You may have heard of the strange and spooky goings on of Overtoun Bridge before from articles online or you may have just discovered it here on my blog but I will tell you about this bridge, as someone who has been there many times as a child and as an adult. This bridge is in my hometown back in Scotland and the stories you may have heard, well, a lot of it is true and I'm going to cover the story behind Overtoun Bridge in this post and afterwards, please feel free to leave your comments and opinions either below in the comments section or on my other social media platforms.

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(Warning signs to remind owners to keep their dogs on leashes at Overtoun Bridge. Picture credit:

So grab a drink, get cosy and let's get into it...

I can't remember the first time that I went to Overtoun Bridge but I know I was really young and the bridge was like this huge thing which I didn't really know anything about. I was always fascinated with Overtoun House itself. My Dad used to do some security work there and he would tell me stories about the bridge and the house being haunted. I used to think he was just making it up as a way to entertain me but as the years went on, I realised that the stories were common place in our small town. Everybody seemed to know about Overtoun Bridge.

I was born in the vale of Leven hospital and was living in Loch Lomond before we moved to Dumbarton when I was a few months old. Dumbarton is of course home of the beautiful Dumbarton Castle and the birthplace of Talking Heads legend, David Byrne and the racing driver, Sir Jackie Stewart. It's also famous for it's whisky production and ship building in the past. The town has seen better days but it will always be my hometown and I'm proud to have come from there. Like a lot of places it has it's good areas and bad areas but it always had it's beauty. I always thought of myself as lucky to have grown up around such beautiful scenery.

(Overtoun Bridge. Picture credit:

As kids we used to wander off and it was up towards Overtoun House we would go. For us council estate kids, having a fancy mansion on the edge of town was quite fascinating and we dreamt that one day we would become rich and live in one of them but then there was the scary stories, the tales of ghosts and the Overtoun Bridge.

I never really understood the stories as a child but when I returned to the bridge as a teenager and as I got older, I began to think about everything I had read and been told over the years about it. I remember feeling scared to walk across the bridge as a teenager, not because of the stories that I had heard but because I felt a strange, uneasy feeling like something was pulling me. I thought it was just my imagination, being paranoid but friends as well as other people would report the same strange uneasy feeling.

(Overtoun House.

I watched a documentary about the history of Overtoun House a few years ago and at the time it was just an old house which had seen better days but a Christian group bought the house and turned it into a sanctuary and restored it back to it's former glory. The people who now own the house are very spiritual and they spoke of how the land around the house was healing and had a lot of power. They even have a tearoom room there where you can visit at certain times and I was tempted to go during one of my recent visits back home. I know they will probably talk to me about the bible which is totally fine with me because I would be quite happy to do that as well as hearing their stories about the bridge if they wanted to share them.

So why have I chosen to talk about this bridge? well, as well as the spooky stories about the mansion and the bridge being haunted, a large number of deaths have occurred from dogs jumping off of that bridge. It's been going on for decades and everyone in the town knows that if you take your dog for a walk around that area, you must keep them on a leash or they will jump off the bridge.

I've known people who've had this happen, it's like there dog is transfixed by something and there's nothing their owner can do but watch helplessly as the dog runs towards the bridge and jumps over falling 50 feet to their death on the rocks below, some dogs have survived by some miracle but the majority have sadly died. 

The rest of the world seemed to find out about the stories of the dogs at Overtoun Bridge around 2005 when an article was posted online. Some people believed the stories, others thought it was a hoax. Paranormal investigators as well as animal experts descended on Overtoun Bridge from all over the world to carry out experiments to find out why these dogs were jumping off of this bridge.

There was a number of theories as to why it was happening. Some claimed that the dogs were attracted to the scent of mink and that's what was driving them over the edge. Others claimed that there was no mink under the bridge. The differences in opinion vary to this day. I felt something strange on that bridge as a teenager and as an adult I've always felt uncomfortable there but is that just imagination or am I feeling something that the dogs may have felt? 

(Overtoun Bridge.

The sad stories of the dogs wasn't the only tragic story to have been told about Overtoun Bridge. In the early 1990s a man took his baby son to the bridge one night and believing his child to be the son of the devil, he threw the poor baby off of the bridge. He later tried to jump off the same bridge himself and when that failed, he attempted to cut his wrists. 

The people who own Overton House have spoken publicly to The New York Times newspaper and they claim that in the 17 years that they have owned the property, they have seen a number of dogs jump to their deaths (some sources say 600 dogs have jumped from the bridge, 50 of those jumps have been fatal) from the bridge but they still believe that it is the result of the dogs picking up the scent of mink. 

A local hunter who has lived in Dumbarton for over 50 years and knows the area like the back of his hand echoed what others had previously said ''There's no mink around here, I can tell you that with absolute certainty'' 

There are now warning signs at the bridge to remind people to keep their dogs on a leash to prevent them from jumping over. 

So, what do you think? Is it mink or is there some kind of presence on Overtoun Bridge and what of the man who killed his baby son? was he just insane or was there something about that bridge? Let me know your thoughts.

The next time I visit my hometown I will go there, maybe make a video and take some pictures if my readers would be interested in that? I'm very much interested in the paranormal and in exploring abandoned places. Overtoun Bridge isn't abandoned but it is still an old bridge that has been there since 1895.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like me to include more posts in the vein of this one, please let me know.

See you in the next post x 

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  1. Wow what a read hunni. I would love to go there or any haunted place. I think there is something about the bridge dogs would not act like that normally and with the man that killed his son I just do not know on that one. Yet again a very well written case kitty. 😘😘🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️

  2. The dark and hunting history of the over toun bridge is telling the huge story and the story in the detail. The bridge is declared as the dangerous one and has the poster that is written to keep your dogs in front that can feel them the way of remaining the clam and good at crossing.