My First Time...(50 Questions, Honest Answers)😳🤫🙈

Whilst I'm researching my latest true crime case, I thought it would be fun to include the My First Time tag. There's 50 questions involved and I have to answer them truthfully. I tag any blogger who's reading this (ha ha), that's if you want to, there's no pressure, it's all for fun. 

Let's go....

Q1, First app that you check when you wake up in the morning?

I don't tend to check social media when I wake up first thing but I do check my little bible app that sends me the psalm or words of wisdom for the day.

Q2, First broken bone?

I've never broken a bone (touch wood)

Q3, First foreign country you ever visited?


Q4, First Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post?

There's no way I'll be able to remember that! It would probably be something to do with music cause I remember being a bit nervous having a twitter account all those years ago and putting my profile picture up lol

Q5, First make-up item?

Black lipstick. It might have been from Collection 2000.

Q6, First plane ride you ever went on?

To Ireland 

Q7, First time I ever got into trouble at home and school?

I was always a naughty kid lol. I remember climbing the trees at the back of my primary school with some of the older kids and we got caught and sent to the headteacher. 

Q8, First time you were allowed to put on make-up?

I started wearing bits of make-up around 12/13, nobody stopped me and even if they did, I would just sneak into the toilets at school and put it on.

Q9, First youtuber you subscribed to?

It was Trisha Paytas lol! Back when she was relatable and her content wasn't as predictable as it is now.

Q10, First time you went shopping on your own?

Possibly around 12/13.

Q11, Your first boyfriend?

I think it was in nursery (playschool).

Q12, Your first car?

A red Clio

Q13, Your first celebrity crush?

Sylvester Stallone 

Q14, Your first cooking experience?

I tried to make homemade bread when I was about 7 but it just looked like a massive blob of wallpaper paste and I got it all over the place.

Q15, Your first crush?

A boy I knew who looked a bit like Sylvester Stallone lol.

Q16, Your first ever cell phone?

I think it was a Nokia. All you could do on it was make calls and send texts.

Q17, Your first ever date?

To the cinema 

Q18. Your first ever kiss?

In the bushes with a boy playing kiss-chase.

Q19, Your first fear? 

The dark! I didn't like sleeping in the dark.

Q20, Your first friend in college?

Her name was Selena and she was a goth who wanted to be a tattoo artist.

Q21, Your first heartbreak?

I've had many when I was younger. Finding out the boy you like doesn't like you, that kind of thing.

Q22, Your first Instagram post?

I posted a picture of myself and then I deleted Instagram. This was years ago. I found it boring and the majority of pictures were photoshopped so I looked odd compared to these robotic looking people lol.

Q23, Your first Internet activity?

I used to love surfing the net and finding out all different bits of information on musicians that I was into and true crime cases.

Q24, Your first job?

Working in a shoe shop as a sales assistant.

Q25, Your first language?


Q26, Your first love?

My fiance, I met him when I was 20 and he was 19 so I'm the older woman lol!

Q27, Your first pet?

Gizmo the hamster

Q28, Your first piercing and when did you get it?

I was 14/15 and got my ears pierced. I was such a snowflake at the time, when they did it I said ''F!ck'' lol. I have a much higher tolerance to pain now.

Q29, Your first sexual experience?

This is a whole other blog post but lets just say I was drunk and 19 and I was fed up being a virgin (lol) and it was a one night stand with a guy who painted his toenails silver. I will post about this at some point because it was crazy.

Q30, Your first swear word?

Being Scottish it was probably a whole bunch of swear words, probably F!ck or B!stard lol.

Q31, Your first tattoo?

I have a Hello Kitty tattoo on my arm 

Q32, Your first thought today?

''I need a cup of tea.''

Q33, Your first time on a ship?

Going to the Isle of Bute on a school trip.

Q34, Your first time on a train?

I have no idea but I was always on trains as a kid.

Q35, Your first toy?

I don't know which one was the first but I had a music box which played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when you wound it up. I also had a little bike with sheep on it. I also had a red buggy with a doll (I think it was a cabbage patch doll) with red hair)

Q36, Your first online profile picture?

A waterfall. I was too scared to put up my own picture.

Q37, Your first book?

The Cat In The Hat.

Q38, Your first concert?

It was Party In The Park in Leeds when I was 13/14

Q39, The first movie you remember seeing?

I think it was ET.

Q40, The first person you talked to today?

My cat Freddie Mercury (I consider him a person)

Q41, The first person you text when something exciting happens?

My fiance 

Q42, The first text you sent today?

I haven't sent any yet. Just phone calls. 

Q43, The first thing you do every morning?

Get a cup of tea and some breakfast.

Q44, The first thing you do when you get home?

Shoes off, slippers and dressing gown on.

Q45, The first time you ever got drunk?

I was 19 and at a New Years Eve party. I was drinking alco-pops and had to be carried up the stairs later (terrible behaviour lol).

Q46, The first wedding you attended?

It was a couple that I used to know in Scotland. It was bizarre because the wedding was held in the back garden which was really tiny and next to a school. 

Q47, When did you go to your first party?

It was at nursery school and they played Kylie Minogue songs 

Q48, When did you have your first sleepover?

12/13. This was a regular thing. We'd stay up all night watching horror movies and eat junk like pizzas, Pringles, chocolate.

Q49, First time getting a speeding ticket?

Never had one.

Q50, First time you got in a fist fight?

I can't remember, it's more arguments that I would have with people lol. 

If you made it through the post, I appreciate it! Hope you enjoyed reading. let me know if you take part in this (tag me on twitter and I'll share). 

See you in the next post x 

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  1. Fun post! Definitely got me thinking about some of my firsts!

  2. That's so interesting, I'm just not sure I would be able to do it because I know if can remember half the answers lol. I might try though!

    1. You should give it a blast if you have some time on your hands! Thanks for commenting : ) x

    2. I just sat down and did it, and I will post it next week :)