Thoughts on Michael Jackson & The Online Reaction To Leaving Neverland (18+ NSFW!)

So, the UK got it's first showing of 'Leaving Neverland' on Channel 4 last night and if you were to believe everything you've read in the newspapers today you'd be led to believe that Michael Jackson is well and truly finished, that his music has been banned all over the world (false) and never again will people listen to 'Billie Jean' or 'Thriller. You'll also read that everyone 100% believed everything that was shown in the one sided 'documentary' and you'll see some carefully chosen screenshots of tweets that brand Michael Jackson a paedophile and nothing of the support for Michael.
The truth of the matter is that the reaction to Leaving Neverland is divided, with the majority supporting Michael. LN didn't get the reaction that Dan Reed. Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck were hoping for, in fact they were beaten in the ratings (when the programme was shown in the US) by a lifetime movie. 

The press will have you believe that anyone who supports Michael Jackson is a raving nutcase or a cult member, the fact is, the people who support Michael have seen all this before and know the script. After a thorough 10 year investigation by the FBI (with nothing to be found, computers etc were searched, you name it, they searched), two unannounced home raids, a 2005 trial in which he was found not guilty on all 14 charges, numerous witnesses that have corroborated what really went on, accusers who've been found out to have stolen items from Michael, tried to extort money from Michael as well as other celebrities. the list goes on. 

If there was one shred of concrete evidence that Michael Jackson was a paedophile, I would not be sat here typing this. The same goes for the other supporters of Michael. I get fed up of having to repeat myself when it comes to Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, the receipts on these two are flying all over the place but you will always get Michael Jackson haters who won't take five minutes just to read the background of these guys.

Even before 'Leaving Neverland' started last night I saw people calling Michael a paedophile because of what they've read in the papers and because they can't understand Michael.

Let me explain this, I lost a lot of my childhood through abuse and I'm not what you would call a mature adult lol! If I had it my way and the money to do it, I would have a house like Neverland with a theme park, bouncy castles and Ice cream vans. Call me crazy all you want but I'm very much a child at heart like Michael. I understand that he saw the world through a child's eyes, he forgot he was an adult, he didn't see himself as an adult. Running around with water balloons, playing hide and seek with the kids, he just felt like one of them. If I was there I would be doing the very same.

Sometimes when I'm around kids and we are playing games or singing, I jump around with them and they think it's hilarious, I forget that I'm an adult. Michael was so used to being around the kids and they were used to being around him that the real world didn't seem to matter. I've watched how this has been twisted into something sinister by uneducated people who have no idea what Michael's life was actually like. None of us know what it's like to be a child performer, worked into the ground, so much responsibilities and pressure placed on his shoulders at such a young age.

When Michael Jackson was 10 years old, he was like a 30 year old, he had to grow up fast. He didn't experience Christmas celebrations (his family were Jehovah's witnesses) or go to kids birthday parties. he was constantly rehearsing and having to be the one who was always out front and centre. 

Put that together with people expecting him to remain the cute, young Michael of the Jackson 5 as he was growing up as a teenager which was also very hard for him. The guy could never catch a break no matter what he did. 

He became the biggest pop star on the planet and owned half of Sony. He was a musical genius, a phenomenal dancer and a businessman but still that child inside. He constantly gave to others and some people took his kindness and appreciated it and others wanted more!

People took advantage of him time and time again. He was dragged through hell in life and now the man can't even be left to rest in peace without people wanting money. 

There's so much I could say in this post but I don't want to make it too long. I just want to ask you to please, if you're going to watch LN, do some research into Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, also have a look at Michael's trial from 2005, Evan Chandler's extortion case and Victor Gutierrez (who they've seemed to develop the script for LN from. Michael previously sued Victor for millions of pounds and won) 

Check out my previous two posts about this:

Check out these Youtube videos to learn more about the true story behind Leaving Neverland and the accusers:

Because the press have chosen to follow Dan Reed and give a one sided, unfair and untrue approach to the situation. I have included screenshots below taken from social media (beware, some may have offensive language so make sure you're 18+ to view) 

So, as you can see there's been so many tweets in support of Michael and these were just the tip of the iceberg. 

Hopefully this post will encourage you (if you haven't already done so) to look further into the real story behind Leaving Neverland. 

Remember Robson and Safechuck may not have been paid to appear in this one sided hit piece but they have both put appeals into Michael Jackson's estate (after their first attempt to bag loads of cash failed) in another attempt to gain millions of dollars. 

Please don't go by what the newspapers or a heavily scripted, one sided 'documentary' says, do your own research. 

I won't be switching Michael's music off or forgetting all the wonderful, kind things he did. His legacy will continue as far as I'm concerned and everyone I have spoken to, both online and off, see through this whole thing and they continue to celebrate his legacy too.

Please check out (and donate if you can) Michael's nephew Taj's fundraiser for a documentary which will reveal all of the hell that Michael had to go through, the extortion attempts, the truth of what went on behind the scenes, the answers to the questions that you always wanted to ask. He explains more about it on his Gofundme page. You can find him on Twitter too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, see you in the next one x

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