Blogger Burnout?

If you're a blogger you'll no doubt have gone through times where you feel like social media and producing regular content is getting on top of you and that you could do with a really good break. Sometimes we ignore those feelings and carry on trying to burn the candle at both ends resulting in what I call 'Blogger burnout'.

Last week I got to the point where I was feeling a bit worn out from trying to keep up the blog posts (I was posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), daily promotion and maintaining @TheBloggersPost on Twitter as well as working and doing my everyday bits and pieces.

I was getting to the point where I wasn't enjoying blogging and that all my hard work was for nothing. I'd also recently written some personal posts (The Hell That Is Social AnxietyI Was Nearly Abducted and a post about Learning Difficulties amongst others) which took a lot out of me to write and share but I'm glad that I did because so many people sent me messages about how the posts had helped them or that they could relate to them. 

 I realised that it was time to take a few days to re-charge my batteries and not pressure myself into uploading new blog posts three times a week. I've decided that there will be new posts every week, maybe two or three (depending if I'm feeling inspired to write, if I have the spare time or if there's something going on that I would like to share my thoughts on) but I won't force myself to come up with new content to go live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I was to continue to do that then my blog would end up boring and full of posts that were just written for the sake of it, I'd be struggling to come up with content and end up with posts about teabags or what my favourite commercials are lol.

I want to keep producing quality content and I'm happy with a lot of the posts that I have shared so far and that they have resonated with people. 

So, if you're a blogger and you're struggling to come up with content or feeling a bit tired and fed up with blogging, maybe it's time to take a little break. You can always schedule the blog posts that you've already written to be promoted and shared on Twitter whilst you're having a rest. You'll come back feeling better, fresher and you'll probably have lots of new content ideas. 

I've taken a few days away from blogging (I scheduled my tweets but I did keep @TheBloggersPost maintained every day) and now I feel so much better for it.

Thanks as always for the lovely messages, reading my posts and supporting my blog, it means a lot to me.

See you in the next post x 

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