Words & Sayings That Get On My Last Nerve!! (18+)

I saw a thread on twitter a few weeks ago and it really made me laugh. People were making lists of all of the words and sayings that really drive them up the wall and I thought that instead of putting my own personal list in endless tweets (knowing me I had a feeling there would be more than just one lol), I decided to just include my list here. 

I found this quite funny! What are words and sayings that drive you mad? here's my list, see if any of these get on your last nerve too? leave a comment below or Tweet me and we'll have a laugh about it.

Here we go..... 

- ''I'm totes emosh''
- ''I'm out with this one''
- ''I'm out with these ones''
- Saying ''Literally'' after every word, for example: ''I like, literally love it, because it's like, literally so good and I'm like, literally obsessed''
- ''I can't even''
- ''Me thinks''
- ''Going on my holibobs''
- ''Check out my titties''
- ''This is proper sick''
- Starting sentences with ''I mean',  for example: ''I mean, I'm not a big fan of strawberries but I like, think they're ok''
- ''Hashtag making memories''
- ''This is the bomb dot com''
- ''The boy did (or done) good''
- ''Social media influencer''
- ''Chillin with my famalam''
- ''Aww bless''
- ''Poor you''
- Saying ''Mummy'' and ''Daddy'' to your parents when you're a fully grown adult
- ''Big Daddy''
- ''Keep Calm And Move On''
- ''Fuck Bitches Get Money''
- ''Hoe''
- ''Stank Hoe''
- ''Puke''
- ''Hanky Panky''
- ''Clout''
- ''Poopa Scoopa''
- ''Are you having a case of the Mondays?''
- ''I really Want To Poke You'' 
- ''I Poked So And So Last Night''
- ''She got fingered''
- ''Shag, Shagged or Shagging''
- ''Knee trembler'' 
- ''Butt plug''
- ''Panties''
- ''Amazeballs''

What are yours?

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  1. I'm not sure I've heard of half of these! Must be regional for a good lot of 'em.

    Although, if I wasn't cranky before someone asks me if I have a "case of the Mondays" I sure will be afterwards!

  2. Ha ha! I hear 'case of the Mondays' every week lol. Thanks for reading & commenting : ) x

  3. Oh my gosh yes, these are so irritating, My partner keeps saying 'oh well life goes on.' All the bloody time drives me up the wall. 🤣

    1. Ha ha!!! I can understand why that would drive you mad : ) x