Time to confess, who was your pop pin up? here was mine.....

I think all of us girls and boys have gone through a teen stage of having a 'heartthrob', it could have been a solo singer, a boy/girl band member or an actor/actress. Some people never grow out of it, I have seen people who still have posters on their wall when they're in their 50s.

So I've decided to own up and tell you about my previous obsession with a singer called Peter Andre. Those of you who are in the UK will probably know him as the ex-husband of glamour model Katie Price and he's done various reality TV shows after his music career went quiet. In the USA, I think he tried to make something happen over there with his music career but I don't think it worked out. So for those who don't know him or what he was like in the 90s, stick around, grab some tea and I'll be honest about my teeny bopper Peter Andre phase. 

It started at a concert in Leeds, England when I was about 13. It was called 'Party In The Park' and all of the big pop acts of the day performed. It was a free concert at that time and you would get your tickets from the town hall in Leeds. They would go so fast! Peter Andre (who I'd never heard of but I did recognise the song 'Mysterious girl') was the first singer on and he was dressed in white baggy trousers, trainers and a white tracksuit top. His hair had tons of gel in it and he had one of those 90s spider haircuts with bits of hair sticking out at the front. I thought I had just witnessed a god coming down from the heavens. I thought he was the most amazing looking guy that I had ever seen.

The next day I went to the local newsagents and bought every magazine with him in it. I ended up making a scrapbook of him. My bedroom was covered in posters from floor to ceiling with his pictures. I had to have every single and album that he brought out. I would stay up all night taping award shows that he would be appearing on. I taped everything he was on.

Friends at school couldn't stand him and wondered why I liked him. They were all about Boyzone. I was never into Boyzone. I don't know what it was about Peter Andre, maybe it was all the crap he said in interviews about being a romantic and that looks didn't matter to him. I later found out that boybands and male solo artists often give these types of interviews at the beginning of their career, stating that they're single and looking for a girlfriend etc. I think the record companies try to paint them as squeaky clean to appeal to fans. It is true that fans will often take their attention away from an artist that they admire if they find out they're attached.

I think my obsession with Peter Andre lasted about 2 years. One of my craziest moments was going to another 'Party In The Park' concert on my own the next year (by this time he had a couple on No1s and his career over here took off) where he was headlining. I actually stood for hours and hours (I'm sure it was 7 hours?) waiting for him to come on at the very last moment. I was so happy to be breathing the same air as him (I know, I sound a right nutcase).

So I was happily plodding along with my Peter Andre obsession when I suddenly found out that I would have to move back up to Scotland. I was worried about this because I didn't want to move further away from him (I know, it's crazy), he lived in London and I would write letters to his fan club and I'd convinced myself that maybe one day out of the blue, he'd turn up on my door step (I'm actually cringing as I type this).

Fast forward to me living in Scotland for a few months and Peter Andre was nowhere to been seen, not in the magazines, not on Top of the pops or anywhere on TV. Where had he gone? It turned out that he had gone over to America to try and launch his career over there and I was pissed off! I felt at the time that he had dumped us for the US now that he had made a name for himself over here in the UK.
I wasn't happy about this and one day out of the blue I had one of the morning TV shows on in the background whilst I was doing something and I heard his voice! I ran over to the TV screen and saw him being interviewed from the states. He'd cut his hair (I could have cried lmao) and changed his clothes. He looked grown up and like some RnB singer or something. He said he was releasing a new song which I thought was good news until I heard it and saw the video. He had completely changed his image.

He was trying to be the next R Kelly (singer wise, not any of the dodgy stuff) and his new album was all very middle of the road and mature. It was a far cry from the 'Natural' album (which was Peter's second album. His first was released in Australia) and he started insisting that everyone call him ''Dre''. 

There would be pictures in the newspapers of him with models and people would write kiss & tell stories about him. I refused to believe that the angelic, poetry reading, romantic Peter was anything like they'd described. After this album he seemed to completely disappear off the face of the earth.

For a few months afterwards I looked through the newspapers (the days before the Internet lol) and magazines and he was nowhere to be seen. 

Some years later I had moved back down to England and had completely forgotten about him. One night I was watching TV and a commercial for 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' came on and Peter Andre was one of the contestants. You'd think that I would be excited to see him and dying to watch the show but surprisingly I felt nothing and wasn't bothered.

I'd completely grown out of my Peter Andre obsession, it was like I was never even a fan of his to begin with at all. I did watch a bit of a documentary years later about him and he was honest and said that during those years in the 90s he had slept with lots of women, partied all the time, his nickname was 'The blow job king' and the reason he had disappeared for all that time was because he had a nervous breakdown whilst he was in the US. He also said that he suffered terribly with panic attacks for which he had to be placed in a psychiatric hospital.
What do I think of him today? Well, I have nothing against him. He seems like a nice guy and I'm glad that he has had children and married his second wife, who's a Doctor and they make a lovely couple. He seems completely different to the person from all those years ago, in looks and in personality but I suppose time has done that, he probably feels that he can really be himself now without record companies and PRs telling him what to say (to my knowledge). 

I don't have any of the posters or music that I once had of his. I sometimes watch the odd music video of his from the 90s if I'm having a little 90s music spree on YT but that's about it. Funny how your taste in things can change over the years.

Who was your idol? let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet on twitter, it would be interesting to read other people's stories.

Thanks for checking out my post, see you in the next one x 

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  1. Wow! Bringing up memories here! I think mine were Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and George Clooney. Not bad picks I think! Hahaha.

    1. You have good taste!!! You have nothing to worry about lol : ) x

  2. I loved this post, such a fun and uplifting read! ♥︎ It's so funny when you look back isn't it, the nostalgia and memories come flooding through and you feel like a teen all over again!

    One of my idols was (and is still to this day) Biff Fowler from Emmerdale (as you probably know because I drone on about him on twitter lol!!!). My best friend and I during our high school days used to say we'd go on double dates with Biff and Alfie from Eastenders, who she fancied at the time. We even planned our "double wedding" at Christmas time and chatted to each other like it was really going to take place haha. It was SO real! 😂 Then I decided I liked Justin Timberlake instead (he reminded me of Biff a bit, I think that was why), and she moved on to a character from Friends and we then decided we'd break Biff and Alfie's hearts and marry Justin and her character from friends instead in a double wedding. Madness! I've still got all these notes we wrote about leaving Biff and Alfie and how should we do it, etc. God! 😆 Despite forgetting about him here and there, in the last few years I've rediscovered my love for Classic Emmerdale and Biff's still my fave ED character. I've always said that if I could meet any celebrity, ever, it would be the actor who played him! ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. I love this!! we need to find out what happened to him : ) x

  3. My first musical obsession was the Spice Girls lol
    and I had a major crush on Posh Spice.
    Collected everything I could find of them.


    1. I loved Posh and Ginger! They are the best girl band ever in my opinion. Thanks for commenting hun : ) x