The Happiness Planner, Blogging Doubts, And Healing Crystals?

How's your January going so far? are you raring to go or are you dreading the year ahead? As I've mentioned on here and social media previously, I'm taking things as they come this year. I do have my plans and goals which I will continue to work towards but if things don't go 100% as I planned (you know how life gets in the way), I won't be beating myself up about it.

I've been going through this little phase at the moment of buying crystals. I'm interested in learning more about them, how they help clear negative energy and are said to be healing. I have some beautiful ones and at the moment I'm just learning about them so I'll share a post in the future when I know what their properties are, how to look after them and what they have done for me. If anyone out there has any knowledge about them please get in touch, it would be interesting to chat to someone with a similar interest or more knowledge about them. 

I've also had my eye on The Happiness Planner (the full year one) for quite a while but I thought it was a bit too pricey for a planner so I never ordered it. I was browsing for a new diary recently and found this website: The Paper Parlour, I found the 100 day version of The Happiness Planner. It was only £20 so I thought I would order it to see if I liked it and if it did pass the test I would invest in the yearly one.

So far I'm on my second day (ha ha) and I really like it. I chose the white and rose gold design (I've got a thing for white and rose gold right now) and inside you find the usual 2019 calendar but also some helpful words of wisdom, different exercises to help you really think, focus and prompt you on your goals and remind you of all the positive things that you have in your life and areas you would like to work on. There are also weekly plans, day by day planners and a weekly reflection page where you can look back over the week and see what you achieved, completed and what you still want to work on. I've been enjoying filling the planner in so far and it's helping me to stay focused, organised and keep track of everything.

If you're interested in ordering this planner, you can find it here (this isn't a gifted or sponsored post btw, I just like sharing my finds lol) 

With all these positive thoughts, I have to admit something has been bugging me in the back of my mind for the past couple of weeks, it's probably just a phase but I'm getting that ''what's the point of carrying on blogging'' feeling that I had before which ended up with me not blogging for 6 months. I don't see this as a potential career, I think that up until 2017 I thought I could really make a go of this blogging thing but it didn't go as well as I hoped. I see so many bloggers being thirsty for followers on Instagram because they know that Instagram is the place to be where collaborations are concerned. You find a lot of bitchiness and disloyalty over Instagram and I stay away from it. 

I know my blog is good (lol, blowing my own trumpet) because I work hard on it and I rarely have brand collaborations. I'm not a blogger that just churns out sponsored review after review. I've been trying to switch up my content quite a lot to include a lot of important topics, personal posts as well as wellbeing. I don't get the awards and views that I deserve (ha ha) but to be honest, that's fine because as long as I'm happy with my blog and I know I have loyal readers who tell me all the time how much they've loved my latest post or I've shared something that has really helped them, that's all that matters.

I suppose I've just been wondering what's the point in carrying on with it but now I see it more as a hobby and I will be carrying on posting. I do feel sorry for some of the bloggers who are 100% focused on beauty, fashion and nothing else because they have to struggle with the Instagram pressure and trying to attract and keep followers.

I haven't seen anyone post anything positive about Instagram in ages, my timeline looks like a constant stream of tweets lately with the same ''Are we buddies on Instagram, follow me, here's my link'' or ''I want to reach my goal of 2000 followers on Instagram, it would mean the world to me if you followed me, here's my link''. 

I always say, never be ashamed of self promotion lol, keep putting yourself out there but sometimes it's like people are begging for Instagram followers and likes and it's really sad to see because these are fabulous bloggers with fantastic content and it really shouldn't matter how many Instagram followers they have but to a lot of brands it does.

I'm actually surprised that people like reading my ramblings, rants and personal posts. I think it's funny when I get comments and messages from men and women saying how they can relate to some of the things I say. I suppose as well as review posts I'll keep on with my blog as it is, since it's getting a lot of positive feedback, I just go through these moments when I wonder why I put the effort in, it is silly and I should focus on the positives of which there are quite a few. I suppose that's a common thing in blogging to have these self doubt moments. 

I hope 2019 is the end of the Instagram pressure for bloggers but I don't think it will be. I am wondering how the blogging community will take shape in 2019, we've seen a lot of changes already. I can't believe how different the blogging world is to when I first started and there's so many bloggers out there now which is a great thing and to see more male bloggers too is great! 

I've got nothing against Instabloggers and Youtubers but when some of them do a 'review' it's kinda half arsed lol. They'll show the product, say a couple of lines and mention something about links in the description box and that's it! Traditional bloggers go more in depth and give you more information about the product and the brand. I tend to trust traditional bloggers more and reading fellow bloggers posts when thinking about purchasing a new product. I'm sorry to say that I don't 100% trust Instabloggers and youtubers when it comes to products because I know that nine times out of ten, they've been paid to say how amazing a product is. 

What are you're thoughts on what I've mentioned in this post? Do you have The Happiness Planner or do you collect crystals? let me know in the comments below or Tweet me.

Hope your January is going great so far, see you in the next post x 

*All thoughts and opinions shared in this post are 100% genuine and are my own. This is not a sponsored or gifted post. Picture is my own. 

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