My Stalker Story: Part Three ''How Much Lower Can This Guy Go'' | Personal Post

Continued from part two...(see previous post)

As I mentioned before, I didn't get much sleep that night and I remember having to charge my phone cause the battery died. I switched my phone back on before I left for work and my phone went crazy with text messages. He went mad because I hadn't responded to any of them. I told him I was on my way to work and didn't want any trouble at work. He told me he would be waiting for me outside work, I told him not to.

As I walked up to work (dreading going in because I knew that everyone knew the truth) he was stood there with a Starbucks cup for me with a big smile on his face like nothing happened. I saw his hand bandaged up and I did think it looked over the top. I told him to leave me alone and that I wasn't in the mood for any of it that day, I also didn't want to be seen anywhere near him, I was embarrassed and humiliated enough.

I kept thinking about his wife and how horrible life must be for her living with him. He told me she was a drug addict who neglected their son and that was why he divorced her. The way he spoke about her was horrendous. He would say she was overweight and made fun of her glasses, it was so vile, he had such hatred for her. 

Going into work was hell, I felt like I had a huge spot light on me and that everyone was looking at me. Even my boss knew about it, I wanted to run away and hide. To make matters worse, he would not stay away from me. I'd be sat working at my desk and he kept coming up to me with bits of paper, coffee, paperclips. It was just stupid and any excuse to come to my desk. He was trying to make it look like something was still going on between us. 

As far as I was concerned it was over. I told him that I needed time alone by myself (in other words, get lost it's over) but it was clear that he wasn't taking no for an answer. 

When I was in the ladies toilets at work I decided to grab a friend (who was one of the few still talking to me) and asked her for a private chat. I told her everything and she said that she and everyone knew for ages that he was married, they'd even met his wife a few times and described her as a lovely woman. Apparently nobody at work could get their head around how I could be such a nasty person and the fact that I was walking around without a care in the world with this woman's husband. I told her about the lies and she also told me that he was being investigated by head office for giving out his personal phone number to customers and that he'd had a drama before with one of the receptionists who ended up leaving because of him. The guy was a real snake.

He kept trying to grab me at work to talk about things but I didn't want to hear it, I told him I would talk to him about it later. I couldn't concentrate at work because he kept bombarding me with emails and coming to my desk every 5 minutes. I felt that I couldn't tell my boss what was happening because I thought it would look like ''Oh, here's the little homewrecker complaining that the married man is annoying her''. I didn't think anyone would take me seriously or care for that matter.

I would try and leave work a bit late or hide in the ladies toilets till I thought he was gone but somehow he would always spring up out of nowhere like he knew my every move. I would try walking a different route out of work or do some shopping after work and he would be there. It felt like it was hard to escape him. I really wanted to leave my job but we were all under the impression that if you quit and didn't work your one month notice, they'd cut your pay. If I quit he would be angry about it and no doubt air my dirty laundry for all to see and I would have to suffer for a month or I could carry on this nightmare hoping that one day he'll get fed up and leave me alone.

I didn't want to tell his wife, my heart broke for her. I found out her name from my friend and I know this will sound creepy but I decided to look her up on the Internet to see what the real story was, was she a drug addict and neglectful mother like he said? When I found her I was shocked, she seemed like a really nice person who obviously loved her son and there was pictures of her and him together celebrating valentine's day together. I was in total shock. Something else that knocked the stuffing out of me was a picture of a birthday cake that she had baked.

His wife was an amazing baker and she had pictures on her Instagram of all her cakes. I spotted a birthday cake......a birthday cake that HE gave me months before which he said he'd been up all night baking for me. I wanted to throw up. I remember his face when he gave me the cake, he looked so proud of himself. I thought to myself at the time ''How much lower can this guy go, this is just constant utter disrespect for the mother of your child''.

His wife seemed lovely and I was wracked with guilt. I wondered why he would be like this when he had a lovely family at home. I think it was because he was a fantasist, he would lie about other things to me. He'd tell me he had his own business and that he owned a Lamborghini car. I think he wanted to present this image. His wife was older that he was and very motherly and mature. I think he liked me because I was a bit of a diva and liked my makeup and glam. Maybe he was having some kind of mid life crisis but that doesn't explain all of his other affairs because I found out later on that he'd cheated on his wife loads of times.

I found out that these affairs that he would have would only last for about a month. The women would find out that he was a liar or simply get fed up with him and dump him. The women always dumped him so that screwed him up even more. he would never let go of this and move on. He was always a person who sought revenge and that's what worried me at the time. He wasn't going to let me just walk away and get on with my life, which I was about to find out. 

Continued in part four...

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