My Stalker Story: Part Six ''The End Of The Nightmare?'' | Personal Post

Continued from part five....

So the police arrived at my house some time later and I remember feeling a mixture of fear, anxiety and embarrassment. I felt a bit better speaking to my Dad about it all because he obviously knew me as a person and knew that I would never get involved with someone who was married. I knew it was going to be difficult trying to explain the whole situation to these police officers.

They sat down and told me to tell them everything. I told them the whole story and was cringing at the part when I told them that he was married. I felt that they were judging me, that might have been me just being paranoid but they did talk to me in a bit of a patronising way asking me why I didn't report this at work or call them sooner. 

I started to panic that the police being at my house might have been a bad idea because it could make M even worse. They asked me for his phone number and I was too scared to give it to them, I'd already given them his name and the town that he lived in. They said If I wanted a restraining order I would have to pay £1000. They said that they would give him a warning.

I was scared and didn't want them to go to his house because obviously his wife would be there and I didn't want her getting hurt or him getting worse. They said that they would contact him at work and have a word with him to stay away from me and my house.

I was so nervous about this and didn't know how this would play out. The police didn't seem that sympathetic towards me, I think they just thought I'd had an affair with a married man and it backfired or something. I also showed them the threatening texts that M sent me. They said they had to make a note of this and speak to him incase anything was to happen in the future.

A couple of days went by and I got a call from an unrecognised number, I nervously answered it and sure enough it was M. He said that the police had called him to come down to the station the day before and he thought it was hilarious. He said he had a friend who worked at that police station (probably another lie) and that the police had a laugh with him. Apparently they just had a quick word with him and he told them his side of the story (whatever that was) and they let him go. 

I thought he was talking a load of crap as per usual and trying to put a brave face on it. I was hoping the visit to the police station would give him a bit of a shock.

I started putting the lights on in my house again and feeling a bit more calmer cause I knew that if he was to pull a stunt again like he did that Sunday night the police would arrest him. I was in my bedroom and it was about 8pm and I decided to have an early night, I turned off the light and checked my phone and there was a text from an unknown number saying ''Having an early night?'', I knew it was him. I looked out my window and his car wasn't outside my house or anywhere on my street. I sent him a message (I know I shouldn't have done but I was curious to know how he could see my bedroom) and asked where he was and that the police told him to stay away. He said that the police told him to stay away from my house, they didn't say that he couldn't park his car up the hill from my house.

So he was still spying on me up the road from my house, it was really scary because I couldn't see his car anywhere, he must have had all the lights off or something. I called my Dad and told him and we called the police and told them about it straight away.

The police said that they would look into it again but to save all messages that came from him. I sent M a message saying that I would be saving all the messages that he would be sending me for the police's records so he may as well quit whilst he's ahead or the police will go to his house and his wife and everybody else would find out the whole story.

I got no messages again that night and It felt great! I thought that this was it all well and truly over with. The thought of the police going to his house scared the hell out of him. About a week later (I had no calls or texts after that but I was still on edge just incase he did pop up again) I got a text from him saying that he was sorry things got out of hand and that he loved me and if he ever had a daughter he would name her after me (a bit odd but that was him all over). 

A few weeks after this, things were quiet but I got a letter through the door from my landlord who was looking to sell the house I was living in so he gave me notice to find somewhere else to live. At the time I was really upset because I loved the house and the area I was living in but I realised after everything that had happened it would be best that I moved away and start afresh (I didn't want to keep looking over my shoulder also just incase M showed up out of the blue).

So I moved out and found somewhere else. Fast forward to today and my life is a lot different and I'm doing fabulous! My experience with M hasn't tainted my idea of men but It did take me a couple of years to fully get over what happened to me. I think I had PTSD for a while after that and my anxiety was high for a while but I soon started to get my old self back again. 

I still have to be careful when I'm out and about because M lives in the next town to me and I really don't fancy bumping into him again. He doesn't have any control over me now but I just don't want to see him ever again. I will never forget that Sunday night and it still gives me chills. 

I just hope that he's not harassing some other poor girl but sadly he might be knowing him. 

So, that's the end of my story and it's a happy ending but I'm glad that I shared it because stalking does need to be taken seriously and the police need to take it more seriously. Restraining orders should be free to help protect women and men who are in danger from an abusive ex. 

Also, be careful who you date at work too! Find out everything you can about a person because they could be married with a kid or anything and you're the last to know. 

Thank you for reading my story, I know it was a long one that's why I had to break it down to six parts. I appreciate you hanging on in there and reading my posts. If you have any comments please leave them below and if you want to chat privately with me about this, feel free to email me at: or tweet me

In my next post I'll be talking about the aftermath of all this, what the weeks and months were like afterwards and how I got to the point that I'm at today. 

Keep yourself safe & I'll see you in the next post x 

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