My Stalker Story: Part Four: ''It'll Be My Funeral You'll Be Going To Next'' | Personal Post

Continued from part three....(see previous post)

I kept trying to think of ways to get rid of him but still be able to go to work as normal. I thought about transferring to another branch but I knew it would be no good because it was that kind of company where rumours travel fast and of course his wife worked for the company and she was a regional manager and I didn't want to bump into her for obvious reasons.

I tried to keep him at bay for as long as I could but he was starting to get the message that I was finished with the whole thing and things started to take a really dark turn. I had to take a day off work to attend a funeral and I had my phone switched off all day. It was quite an emotional day and that night when I got home I switched on my phone to a stream of nasty messages, one of which said ''It'll be my funeral you'll be going to next''. The other messages were about me being selfish because I didn't respond to his messages and that I was probably whoring myself about at the funeral. He said that he had taken time away from his son to be with me and this was all the thanks he had gotten.

I started going into a deep depression and my anxiety was off the scale. I had a mixture of guilt and fear. I couldn't understand how I had gotten myself into this mess and had no idea how to get out of it. I went back to work and he was still annoying me with emails, this time he was sending me emails and copies of private texts that I'd sent him weeks before. He told me that he'd saved everything I ever sent him and that it would be a shame if people were to see these. 

I felt like I was on edge all the time and that I couldn't relax. He'd bombarded me with texts at night. He'd park his car outside my house at all hours of the night and threaten to make a scene if I didn't come to the window so he could see me. 

I was getting worse with the depression and making tons of mistakes at work. I got pulled into a meeting about my poor performance and they couldn't understand how I could go from being amazing at my job to this. I started to sense that they were thinking of letting me go because of my work performance but also because of all of this. My boss didn't look too happy (nor did anyone else) to see M always back and forth to my desk even though I didn't want that to happen.

I ended up having to take a week off work sick because I was such a nervous wreck. M wasn't happy at all with this. I was getting threatening texts from him and he would be outside my house in his car. I would turn the lights off in my house and use candles to make it look like I wasn't at home. He'd demand that I come out of the house but I would lie and say that I was at my sisters house so he would go away.

He made it clear that he wanted me back at work as soon as possible but I just didn't have the strength. I slept a lot of the time (after months of hardly getting any sleep) and my mind started to get a bit clearer. I started to think about just handing my notice in and working the month and to hell with the consequences.

So I went back to work and M looked so pleased with himself because he thought I was going back because he forced me too, he thought he had such control over me. 

I was back for one day and he was worse than ever with the emails and texts whilst I was trying to work. He kept coming over to my desk and embarrassing me in front of people. He was also watching every move that I made and I was struggling to deal with it. 

Lunchtime came around and I suddenly decided to take all my important items out of my desk and told a colleague to tell my boss that I was going home because I had a really bad migraine. I then walked out of work and went to a shopping centre, all the while I was looking behind me in case M was following but I couldn't see him. I don't know what came over me but I knew that day that I was never going back to work there. 

I got on the phone to my friend in Scotland who knew about the whole mess and I told her ''I've done it! I've left my job and finally got away from that nutcase''. I felt a sense of empowerment. He couldn't do anything to me anymore because I didn't work there so he could show whoever what texts and emails that he wanted. 

During this conversation I felt eyes on the back of my neck and (I'm not kidding) I turned around and M was stood there looking furious. He said ''Who are you talking to'' and I told him it was my friend and that I had left work. He said ''No, you're not'' and I suddenly had this strength from somewhere to say ''Yes, I am and it's over. go back to your wife and treat her the way she deserves to be treated'' 

I walked away from him and I felt great at that moment, like that was the end of it all. He had nothing to threaten me with anymore, at least that's what I thought. 

Continued in part five....

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