My morning routine (weekdays) | Winter 2019

Things have been getting pretty serious on my blog lately with me sharing my personal story about my traumatic experience with a crazy stalker and sharing my thoughts, receipts and personal opinion on the Michael Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland so I thought I would lighten things up a bit by sharing my weekday morning routine.

I like watching morning and evening routines on youtube and reading about them in blog posts. I find them relaxing for some reason. So here's my winter 2019 weekday morning routine....

7:00am: During the week my alarm is set for 7am. The first thing I want to do is stay in bed because it always seems to feel much more comfier and warm first thing in the morning. 

I grab a bottle of water and my vitamins and take them. 

To save time, I always shower or have a bath the night beforehand because I don't like rushing about in the morning. I always have my clothes laid out ready for me too.

7:30am: I'm usually eating my breakfast at this time. I love a big mug of tea (sometimes I'm naughty and have 2 sugars in) and either a bowl of branflakes, some toast or a croissant. 

8:00am: It's time for hair and makeup. I usually have a youtube video on in the background or some music whilst I'm getting ready.

Once my hair and makeup is done and my clothes are on, I check my diary for the day and make sure my bag has everything that I need in it. 

I make a quick decaf coffee which I put in my Costa travel mug and then I'm out the door, ready to start my day.

So that's my morning routine, nothing fascinating. What's your routine like? Are you energetic in the morning or do you prefer to take your time like me? Leave comments below or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

See you in the next post x 

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