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I was on the phone to one of my closest childhood friends last night for about 2 hours. What she told me has been on my mind today because I wasn't sure how to help her with the situation although I'm going to try and do the best I can.

I didn't know what to say to her so I thought I would talk about this on my blog to help make sense (if possible) about what has gone on and if anyone else has been though a similar situation could shoot me some advice on how to help her deal with it.

So, my friend who I have known since primary school is married with 2 children and one of the nicest people you could meet. She started a Job about 2 months ago and has been doing really well in the Job, made lots of friends, done extra shifts and proved a hit with a lot of the managers. She's been working so hard that she's not had much time with her husband and kids, we haven't really spoken much over the past 2 months either, she's been such a busy bee!

So everything was going great in her Job up until last Friday. She was pulled into the office by one of her managers (one that she suspects doesn't seem to like her for some reason) and there was another manager in the office too. They sat her down and started asking her a lot of questions. When she started her Job at the very beginning, she had to work alongside this guy who was of the Muslim faith which she has no problem with but the man started to make comments about Christianity and that the bible was a joke (which I find offensive but I just tend to bite my lip when comments like that are made). He was telling her to become a Muslim and banging on and on. The guy was quite aggressive and she felt really uncomfortable so she thought she'd have a quiet word with her supervisor about it.

As she was in the supervisors office (apparently the walls are really thin) another manager overheard the conversation and decided to butt in on the whole thing. This resulted in the manager confronting the Muslim guy and he told him that she had made a complaint about him. Well, this caused a lot of drama as you can imagine. 

The manager wanted to make a big deal about the whole thing but all she wanted was for the supervisor to have a quiet word with the guy to stop preaching about religion at work and that be the end of it. Apparently many members of staff have reported this guy before for preaching and people have been too scared to do anything in case they are called islamaphobic or racist.

It turned out all right in the end because she spoke to the guy and as far as she was concerned they let it rest at that. Fast forward to now and there's been no issues, everything has been great up until she was pulled into the office by that manager. 

This is where the shocking part comes in... she was told that they had been doing an investigation into her, they had gone online and searched her social media platforms and they found an old facebook page from 2011. Apparently she shared or liked a post from Paul Joseph Watson (some people consider him to be right wing but he makes videos on youtube making fun of things even himself) and now they think she's a racist or right wing supporter. The whole thing would be hilarious is it wasn't so blimmin serious!

First of all, she's mixed race, her dad and sister are Muslims, she has her dad's side of the family who are Muslim. She doesn't follow the Islamic religion but she has no problem with anyone who does. Her husband is mixed race and she has friends from all backgrounds. To call her a racist or a right winger is ridiculous! She's practically a sister to me and we moan to each other about everything and in all these years she's never said a racist word to me.

This facebook from 2011 that she had is still up because she used an old email and password and forgot them, She hasn't touched that account since then. When she told me this It sounded to me like a witch hunt by this manager. There's not a single problem with her work performance and then suddenly now (maybe because they've just made her a permanent employee) they've brought up this incident with the guy I told you about earlier, they are trying to say that she had a problem with him preaching because she's Islamaphobic. 

We were trying to work out if it's this manager that's causing all of this or the guy that was preaching. Whatever the case, she's been worrying sick about whether she's got a job or not. They said they have to look more into it (what a load of crap) and then they'll make a decision. 

I think it's complete rubbish that this had happened, that they have gone onto her social media accounts and found something from 2011 which they are trying to use to sack her! It sounds dodgy as hell to me. They can't sack her over her work performance cause that's been great, they're trying to use this to sack her. It's crazy.

She says she's putting a brave face on for the sake of her kids and because it's getting so near to Christmas but this has put a real dampener on everything. I've told her, should the worst happen that we'll get in touch with a lawyer and seek advice. I get into mother goose mode lol ''They're not getting away with it''!! I told her that she's welcome to come down here for a little break if she needs it.

So for now she's playing the waiting game (which I think is a disgrace). Like I said, should the worst happen, I'll be there to support her and we'll see what can be done. She's also said that if she isn't fired, that she will be looking for another Job and then hand her notice in when she's found one. The whole thing has made her really paranoid about the place and she doesn't feel comfortable there. A positive about it all is that her fellow colleagues have come out in support of her and they know she's not a racist either, they think the whole thing is stupid but they hate the job too and are looking for somewhere else to work.

That's where things are at the moment, If anyone has any advice, please leave it below or contact me on Twitter or email me at: caledoniankblog@yahoo.co.uk 

I'll update on here again as soon as I hear anything else back from her.

Thanks for reading as always and I'll see you in the next #Blogmas post x

UPDATE: I've been in touch with my friend today and she has told me that quite a lot of her colleagues have written emails and come out in support for her, as well as some of her supervisors so she says it looks like the whole thing might be dropped. Whatever all this was about, it looks like it's backfired because there's been so many people supporting her. I feel pleased to hear this and hope this has put her mind at rest now but obv be wary of that manager in future.

SECOND UPDATE: Steam is literally coming out of my ears as I type this! My friend called me to say that they had fired her first thing this morning. The managers didn't seem to care about how much support she had or all of the hard work she put in. She's devastated and I'm absolutely fuming. I'm helping her put together an email for the companies HR department and then in January she's going to seek advice about unfair dismissal. I'll keep you posted of the outcome. 

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