The Christmas Tag | #Blogmas Day 23

So, here I am and tomorrow is Christmas eve and since a lot of us are in the festive mood (well, at least I hope we are lol) I thought I would have a go at this Christmas tag that I've pinched from Man vs Adulthood

So grab something festive to drink, munch on a mince pie, put your tootsies up and have a good read (and have a blast yourself, I tag everyone).

Q1) What is your favourite Christmas candle?

I love the Spiced Apple and Cinnamon candles by Glade. 

Q2) What is your favourite Christmas song?

It is a tie between Band Aid (1984) 'Do they know it's Christmas' and Wham's 'Last Christmas'. 

Q3) Do you stay in Pyjamas all day or do you dress up on Christmas day?

I usually stay in PJ's on Christmas day but this year I think I'm going to get my Christmas jumper on lol and rock a red lipstick!

Q4) What are your plans for the holidays this year?

Being nice and cosy at home, lots of Christmas tunes, movies and yummy food. 

Q5) What is your favourite Christmas movie?


Q6) Do you loathe tacky Christmas sweaters?

I used to but now I think they're a laugh and part of the fun. 

Q7) Who will you be kissing underneath the mistletoe this year?

My other half! 

Q8) What are you excited for in the build up to Christmas?

I love the positivity, the music and buying & wrapping up gifts. 

Q9) What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

Listening to the classic tunes and getting up early on Christmas morning.

Q10) What is the number one item on your Christmas wish list this year?

Makeup brushes! 

Q11) What is your favourite Christmas food?

Roasted parsnips or mince pies!

Q12) Do you shop the boxing day sales?

Noooo! Boxing day is like Christmas day part 2 for me. It's a day of movies, music and eating leftovers. 

Q13) Do you prefer to give or receive presents?

I love giving presents and seeing the reactions when people open them (I have fabulous taste).

Q14) What is your favourite sweet treat for the holidays?

Mince pies, Chocolate Santas or Candy Canes. 

Q15) Do you have a favourite Christmas drink?

I like drinking Bucks Fizz (it's seen as an 80s drink) and Baileys (obv, not at the same time). I like Ginger Wine at New Year. 

Q16) What advent calendar do you have this year and do you remember to open it each day?

I bought a few for loved ones, friends, one for my festive giveaway and some for home. I have a Liz Earle beauty calendar and a Cadburys calendar. The door's get opened every morning without fail. 

Q17) What is your favourite holiday scent?

I love Cinnamon, burning firewood, roasted chestnuts. 

Q18) Are you one of those people who wish for a white Christmas each year?

I was lucky enough to be brought up when we had some real white Christmasses, where the snow came up to your waist. I think it's great for kids and I love watching the snow. I do like snow at Christmas it's certainly cold enough for it. 

Q19) What makes the holidays most special to you?

Celebrating Jesus, the fact that it's a special time for Christians and a really lovely time of the year when you see the best in people (when you're supposed to see the best in people but you know some can be a drag lol) 

Q20) What has been your highlight of 2018? 

I have no idea lol! Just getting through the year lmao!!! 

Hope you enjoyed reading my answers. If you decide to have a go, tag me on twitter at @CaledonianTweet and I'll read and share.

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See you in my next #Blogmas post x 

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