The Christmas jumper debacle & Ebay cowboys | #Blogmas day 14

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Day 14 of #Blogmas and we're getting closer and closer to Christmas day! I've managed to get all of my Christmas shopping done but I have had a couple of drama's with the online shopping situation. I talked all about my ASDA experience in this post. and at the moment I'm going through a drama with Ebay.

You probably know that today is 'Christmas Jumper day' and basically a lot of people in various places of employment go to work wearing their cute/cheesy/awful Christmas jumpers and help raise money for charity. Last week I got one for myself which was pretty easy cause there seems to be quite a lot of places online and on the high street that do Christmas jumpers for women. I tried to find one for my other half which was proving to be a bit of a task. My fiance is 6 ft with broad shoulders and he's quite a big guy (people think he's a wrestler or something lol) and I was trying to find an elf (I thought that would be hilarious at his work) jumper and I tried absolutely everywhere I could think of online to find him a Christmas jumper and they were all sold out. There wasn't much choice anyway for a guy of his size.

I didn't want to let him down (he wasn't bothered about it but I'm such a bloody perfectionist that I was determined to find him a Christmas jumper). After all avenues had been exhausted and I was getting nowhere, I thought about Ebay. I never buy anything from Ebay, I've always been really nervous about it. I decided to throw caution to the wind and have a look on Ebay, I spent ages and ages browsing till I found a seller that claimed to have the size that I was looking for and the elf style jumper that I was looking for. I made sure that I looked at the seller page carefully and I could see that they had a 98% positive customer rating and that they'd sold thousands of items. 

I'd never bought anything from Ebay before and by this time I was tired so I chose the elf jumper and the size I was looking for and paid for special delivery. I was sent a confirmation email saying the jumper should arrive by Tuesday. I felt pleased with myself that I had finally done it.

Fast forward to Tuesday, no sign of the jumper, I was a bit annoyed but I put it down to it being this time of year but still, I did pay for special delivery. 

I decided to have another, closer look on the sellers page and alarm bells started ringing. They claimed to have sold thousands of items but yet there was only 25 customer reviews? I also read a few of the negative reviews and they all said things like 'Item not delivered, horrible customer service, faulty product' etc. I started to have that sinking feeling that I had bought a lemon. It got even worse when I discovered that the 'special delivery' I had paid '£10.99' for (I didn't even know it was £10.99) was actually second class post by Royal Mail! 

All I could think of was 'Jo, what have you got yourself into here'. I didn't know whether it was me being a moron or them pulling a fast one but I couldn't get my head around that £10.99 postage. I wouldn't pay that amount for something that was only coming from Manchester.

Anyway, somehow this happened and we fast forward again to Friday and guess jumper! So I've (by the way during all of this I had been sending them endless emails without a response) contacted Ebay and reported the missing item so they say I have to wait till the 21st of December and if nothing is sorted out by then, Ebay will look into it further.

I don't know what you guys think but here's a heads up of the seller on Ebay just incase you happen to be thinking about ordering from them. I looked up their address on google maps (ha ha!) and it was this awful looking road with what looked like dilapidated boarded up buildings. 

Well, I've reported it and hopefully Ebay will sort it out! As for my other half, he'll still be donating to charity but he won't have a jumper this year. I'll get him an elf one next year lol from a proper retailer way before December so I can catch them before they end up being sold out. 

So, what do you think? Ebay scam or a disorganised seller? Whatever the case, I should trust my instincts in future and read the hell out of everything lol. 

And they say that online shopping is stress free!! 

How's your Christmas shopping going? let me know in the comments below or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet  

See you in the next #Blogmas post x

UPDATE: Since I informed Ebay that the item had not arrived and they said they would look into it if the seller had not got back to me, I checked my email later on and funnily enough, the seller got back to me quick as a flash offering me a refund and giving me some lame story that the jumper must've got lost in transit. Whatever the case, at least I got a full refund but what a drama lol. I'm glad that Ebay acted really quickly on it. 

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