Say bye bye to face wipes! Why you need the @Magnitone WipeOut cleansing cloth in your life ASAP! | #Blogmas day 10

I'm like a lot of makeup addicts, I spend an absolute fortune on facial wipes and makeup removers so when I was sent the Magnitone WipeOut Cleansing Cloth to review, I was intrigued because it claimed to be able to remove all traces of makeup using only water! It sounded fantastic but I did wonder how on earth it was going to be able to remove all traces of my makeup including my waterproof mascara!

I couldn't wait to give this a go. The packet comes with two microfiber cleansing cloths (which are available in pink or grey) which feel so soft, they're also eco friendly, double sided and are reusable for up to 1000 times. I had to pop my cleansing cloth in the washing machine first (this is done normally with all towels when you first buy them). A little while later that night, once it had dried I was able to try out the cleansing cloth and really see if it could take off my makeup using only warm water!

I didn't know what to expect but I was so surprised that this lovely little cloth was able to remove my foundation, my waterproof mascara and eyeliner (even my inner eyeliner). Previously when I've used wipes and face washes, I'm usually stood at the sink for ages with panda eyes struggling to get it all off but with this cloth it all came off straight away. 

All I did was soak the cloth in some of the warm water, then use the cloth in gentle circular motions on my skin and everything just came off gently, no harsh rubbing. I have sensitive skin and there was not a red mark on my face which is usually the case with facial wipes and sponges. 

I have no idea what the secret is with this cloth but it's an absolute gem and it's something that all beauty enthusiasts should have as part of their routine at night when they're taking their makeup off. Think of all the money you'll save on facial wipes and makeup removers, all you need is the Magnitone WipeOut Cleansing Cloth and some warm water! 

As I mentioned before, these cloths are reusable, super affordable and easy to wash, just pop them in the washing machine. They are also dry super fast too and are perfect for travel. 

If you have a peek at any of the reviews of these amazing cloths on the Magnitone website or elsewhere you will see 5 stars all across the board! I've also watched some vloggers doing live demonstrations of using the cloths and it's amazing to see them with a full face of makeup one minute and completely bare faced the next just from using the cleansing cloth and some warm water. 

The Magnitone WipeOut cleansing cloth (2pk) retails at only £15.00 and you can purchase the pack from the Magnitone website (they have free shipping on all orders over £30 to the UK - check the website for full details just in case this offer is no longer available at time of reading). 

You can also find this absolute gem available to buy at:

You can find out more about Magnitone and their amazing products on their:

Are you a fan of the Magnitone WipeOut cleansing cloth? Is it on your wishlist or are you thinking of treating a fellow beauty lover? They would definitely make the perfect stocking filler.

See you in my next #Blogmas post x 

*All thoughts and opinions shared in this post are my own and 100% genuine. This is not a sponsored post. Product has been kindly gifted. Picture is my own. 

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