November favourites 2018 | #Blogmas day 5

November was a roller coaster of a month for me. It was my birthday on the 5th, one of my fur babies sadly passed away, anxiety was in overdrive, emotions were high as well as being a busy bumble bee. I also had half my hair hacked off by a new stylist which wasn't exactly my idea of a good time but I've finally learned to embrace it after the nice compliments I've received and it does feel a lot more manageable and healthier.

New age, next chapter in life and a new hair style! My hair was long and straight, down to my butt. It's now layered and just below my shoulders. When the stylist blow dried it, it was just touching my shoulders so it seemed even shorter at the time. By the way, I only went in for a trim and some long layers but this is the last time I'm going to moan about it lol, I actually rock this look so all was well in the end! I also want to take a minute to appreciate my eyebrows (ha ha) after years of plucking the things to death, drawing slugs across my forehead and looking like a clown, I have real eyebrows and I'm so happy with them. 

After years of trying (and failing miserably) to do my eyebrows myself I finally went to have them done professionally. I get them waxed and tinted once a fortnight (the little stray hairs grow back so fast). Some people only get them done once a month and I don't know how they do it. I think it must be all the protein I eat with being a vegetarian lol.
 I thought I'd include these gorgeous candles by Taylor Benfield in my November favourites because these were so lovely, long lasting and I adored the pretty packaging. I wrote more about them in this Post 
 I got some fabulous birthday presents and one of them was one of my all time favourite fragrances 'Miss Dior'. It came in this beautiful white gift box with the gold font and included the body moisturiser. I love it! 
I'm almost out of this mini sized bottle of Quietude calming mist by Temple Spa this is great if you're anxious and need to relax and wind down. I've become a big fan of their products and also included them in my Christmas gift guide. You can read my full review of some of their amazing products here 

I didn't bother getting a birthday cake this year. My other half decided to bring back boxes of every type of cake (you know the treat boxes) from Patisserie Valarie so there was black forest with cherries in the middle, their signature cheesecake, carrot cake and strawberry gateaux. At first I was excited but felt bad cause I thought there was no way I'd be able to eat so many slices of cake lol. It ended up with me having 3 slices and him having 3 slices over the course of 2 days lol and we gave the rest to friends. I was in love with the black forest one. I decided to forget about calories and just stuff my face (it was my birthday and life is too short).

I love birthday cakes but I think the treat boxes are a great idea and a bit different from what people usually expect. 

Christmas is getting closer and I'm excited, we're like big kids in our house and the last few days has been all about getting Christmas dinner stuff to put in the freezer (veggie of course) and prezzies. I also have the Christmas tunes on a loop lol (80s and traditional).

What's on your Christmas list for this year? let me know in the comments below or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

Don't forget to check out my Christmas Gift Guide and your chance to win a beautiful Liz Earle advent calendar.

Stay festive and I'll see you in the next #Blogmas post x 

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