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(MJ, our adopted furbaby who we had with us for 5 years before he sadly passed away due to cancer. I took this photo when we first adopted him and added a Santa hat for a bit of fun a few years ago. It's one of my favourite pictures of him) 

Everybody has their own way of doing things at Christmas. I used to be one of those people who tended to do what everyone else wanted to do in my family which was always quite a negative and stressful experience for me (I talked all about it in this post). 

If you read the post I just mentioned you would know that I don't have contact with relatives for many reasons and believe me when I say that those reasons are understandable, I'm quite a forgiving person but there's only so much you can put up with. I'm a firm believer in cutting negative people out of your life and that includes family members. I believe in giving people a chance and forgiving people to a point, if they keep hurting you, you need to say bye, for the sake of your own happiness and health.

So, now that I've got that out of the way (we don't want any doom and gloom here lol) . I started my own traditions years ago when I got my own place and organised my own festivities. So here's my Christmas traditions, enjoy.....

The tree goes up early:

I started putting my tree up even earlier this year, it went up in November after my birthday (6th November). Before this, it was at the end of November. I just love having a festive, fabulous tree in the living room and it builds up the excitement. When it comes to Christmas, I'm a big kid and so is my other half so we are a bit bonkers anyway. I think it's something to do with not being able to fully enjoy Christmas as a child so you do what you like as an adult and I'm so extra at Christmas lol!

Christmas songs non-stop from 1st of December:

OK, so slight exaggeration, there are breaks in between for Christmas movies and you tube videos but I like to have all of the classics (here's my all time favourite Christmas playlist) playing in the background. Sometimes I like them loud and sometimes I like them low. I Just think it's lovely to have Christmas tunes playing with the tree lit up and the candles lit, it's very festive and relaxing. 

I light a candle every 18th of December:

My Grandmother who was such an amazing person, role model and like a mother to me, sadly passed away on this date so every 18th of December at 6pm I light a candle for her as a sort of tribute. I think about her every day but it's just nice to do a little remembrance thing on the 18th. 

My Grandmother was crazy about Christmas, she decorated her whole house and made a big deal about it. She had a beautiful nativity set that she put on her windowsill every year, she would put bits of cotton wool around it (for the snow) and silver bits of glitter on top. 

I celebrate and give thanks to God: 

You may not know this about me but I consider myself to be a christian and God has been a big, important part of my life since I was a child. I used to be part of a Christian choir at primary school (don't laugh lol) and went to a youth group that was held at the church. Having a difficult childhood, God and the church was such a positive thing in my life and gave me hope and strength. It's hard to explain it all, maybe one day I will if anyone is interested in me talking about this lol. I'm not someone who goes to church every Sunday or preaches here and there, I just believe in God, heaven and I pray every night for loved ones, myself and for my enemies. I also read a verse from the bible every morning (I have this bible app and it sends me a bible verse everyday). 

There has to be an 80s theme:

As well as having some of the classic Christmas movies and songs from the 80s. on Christmas day we watch 80s Top of the pops, play 80s boardgames and have 80s style cocktails and desserts. 

Boxing day is couch potato day:

Boxing day is PJ's, no makeup, movies all day, stuff your face with as much leftovers as you can handle and then just sink lifeless into a chair and do nothing lol. Boxing day for us is an extension of Christmas day but a really lazy, unglamourous version. As a kid, Boxing day around where I lived was like a ghost town and everything came to a complete standstill, no shops open, not a sound to be heard. Nowadays, people go shopping and places are open but for us we like to just be super lazy lol. 

Christmas eve:

Christmas eve is all about the prep for the next day! Christmas tunes and movies, making sure all the presents are sorted out under the tree (I have them under there already but I just like to check that everything is still wrapped and that Freddie Mercury 'the cat' hasn't ripped one open). 

Christmas day:

Up first thing! I'm usually the first one up, I get ready really quickly and we have breakfast. I get the tunes on and we open Christmas presents. In the afternoon we have Christmas dinner and relax a bit before diving into dessert. I usually start having a glass of bubbly in the morning lol (I'm not a big drinker but at Christmas I like a glass or three of something lol). Once dessert is done and we are stuffed, we play 80s games (this is actually a laugh and lots of fun when you're a bit tipsy). Then we'll just chill out and watch Christmas movies and not move from the sofa for being stuffed and half drunk lol. I think we do the tidying up, dishes etc at the end of the night before bed. 

New years eve/day:

New years eve we'll get some ginger wine (my grandmother always had this on New year) and other drinks and nibbles. For the past New years eve we've just had a night in and celebrated together. New years day we'll have a nice dinner, watch movies and chill. On the 2nd of January I tend to take the decorations down as sad as it is, I feel that it's important to see the New year as a fresh start so I like to get going with it as soon as possible. I wish Christmas could go on for 6 months though.

Christmas colours/decor:

Next year I might get a silver tree and go for even more of a retro, 80s theme but for the past few years we've gone with the traditional evergreen tree (fake lol) with silver, white, red and gold decorations. Those colours just feel really warm and Christmasssy to me. And yes, we do have tinsel, I told you I was an 80s gal! 

So, that's all I can think of in terms of what my traditions are at Christmas, what are yours? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

See you in my next #Blogmas post x 

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