It's time to tell the truth......Christmas confessions | #Blogmas day 12

It's 10:30 pm and I should be washing the war paint off, getting into my famous pink sheep pyjamas that half of my neighbourhood has seen (see previous post) and getting ready for bed. Instead I've decided to write this post whilst the creative juices are flowing lol!

I'm not tired yet and I still have Christmas songs playing in the background and a cup of tea to finish drinking so let's get this show on the road.

I thought it would be funny to create a 'Christmas confessions' tag. I thought it would be interesting to see how honest I could be in this post and hopefully to see other bloggers do this (if it catches on). I find the idea funny, others may or may not but what the heck, it's #Blogmas and it's worth a shot.

The rules:

- Answer the questions below as honestly as possible (remember Santa is watching). 
- You can tag other bloggers to do the post if you want (it's up to you and you can tag as many bloggers as you like).
- Send me the link on Twitter so I can read and share.

Q1) If you have a multi pack of Christmas cards, do you give the boring ones to people you don't like?

Yes! Although, nowadays I tend to buy a pack of cute Tatty Teddy ones so they're all cute but when I was at school I would always give my friends the cutest or nicest ones. 

Q2) What's the worst present you've ever given someone?

A cheap box of chocolates from poundland. 

Q3) What's the worst present you've ever received? 

A tin of quality street or biscuits (This just screams lazy lol)

Q4) Worst Christmas movie in your opinion and why?

The Snowman!!!! As beautiful as that film is, I can't watch it. I watched it once as a child and cried for hours after the snowman had melted, it took ages to calm me down and now I have this phobia of it lol. 

Q5) What Christmas song do you like that you'd never admit to anyone you know? 

This will raise eyebrows but I'm sorry I've tried to hate it! Gary Glitter's 'Another rock n roll Christmas'. They played it a lot at Christmas parties when I was a kid and it's so bloody catchy! He brought this out and it was a big hit before the whole scandal. 

Q6) What do you really think of sprouts?

I hated them as a kid but I will have 2 on my plate because It just doesn't feel right without them. They're actually really good for you.

Q7) Worst Christmas dessert in your opinion?

I cannot stand Christmas pudding. I'm funny about trifle too! I'm all about Chocolate cakes for the dessert or maybe apple pie and custard.

Q8) The Queen's speech, yay or nay?

Nay! There's usually so much going on in our house, with Christmas tunes on and cooking etc. 

Q9) What do you love most about this time of year?

The positivity, the lights, the music, the food. I have lovely memories of my grandmother who was mad on Christmas, she was always so festive. 

Q10) What do you dislike most at this time of year?

The black Friday aspect (not the deals, the fighting), people fighting over toasters. I feel bad for people who feel that they can't enjoy this time of year. I used to dread this time of year because of bad memories and negative people but as soon as I started doing my own thing and cutting negative people out of my life, I started to really enjoy it and think back to all the nice times with my grandmother. 

Q11) Tell us something that's popular at this time of year that everyone else seems to like but you don't?

The whole X factor carry on. I don't pay attention to the charts much but I know someone from there has recorded a cover version of the classic 'Power of love' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and let's just say....seems like a talented bloke but don't touch the classics!! 

Q12) Do you wrap your own Christmas presents?

Yes! When I take my time, my presents look really fancy and professional but sometimes if I'm in a hurry it can look like a 3 year old wrapped them. 

Q13) Who cooks the Christmas dinner in your house?

Me, nobody else is allowed in the kitchen. I'm a fabulous cook lol and I love making Christmas dinner. 

Q14) Tell us about an embarrassing memory of Christmas?

I would often get up and perform 'O Tannenbaum' (I think that's the right way you spell it?) which means 'O Christmas tree' in German for everybody (showing off). The adults were so impressed, I had no idea what I was singing, I just learned it at school. I dressed up as a devil (no idea why) along with some family members of mine and sang for the adults. Someone recorded it and possibly still has that tape somewhere today. 

Q15) Do you have a Christmas jumper? if yes, describe it?

I finally bought one! It's black with a gingerbread couple on it. Next year I'll get a really cheesy one for a laugh. 

Q16) When did you put your Christmas tree up and when will you be taking it down?

November the 6th! (I had a depressing few weeks and needed to cheer the place up a bit). I'll take it down on the 2nd of Jan.

Q17) Do you believe in Santa? 

Of course!!!!

Q18) What do you do on Boxing day?

Stay in dressing gown, eat left overs, watch endless movies. 

Q19) What Christmas movie or TV commercial makes you cry (if any) and why? 

As I mentioned before, The Snowman. 

Q20) Cheesiest Christmas song that you have on your playlist?

We should be together for Christmas by Cliff Richard! I have a few of his songs on there, you can't have Christmas without a bit of Cliff lol. 

Q21) Describe your experience of Christmas shopping in 5 words?

Exciting, Stressful, Annoying, No Stock Left (I know that's 3 words but let's pretend it's one lol), Difficult. 

So, I managed to come up with 21 questions lol! Hope you managed to get through them and hopefully have a go yourself! This was quite a fun tag to create. Don't forget to tag me on Twitter if you do have a blast at it! 

See you in my next #Blogmas post x 

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