Horrendous online shopping experience | #Blogmas day 2

I had a post planned for the second day of #Blogmas but I've decided to switch that one to another day for this one. I'm not in the best of moods at this precise moment in time and felt that I wanted to come on here and share with you what's been getting on my last nerve...

We've all had terrible shopping experiences in store and online and I've had one of those tonight (I'm typing this up on Friday night btw!) I know it's not the end of the world but I ordered a few things from George at ASDA and one of those things was a dinner set. I also paid for special delivery so that it would arrive today. 

First of all, Yodel delivered it (side eye) but the delivery guy seemed pleasant enough, he got this gigantic box out of his van, I could hardly squeeze it through my front door. I couldn't understand why I ended up with such a massive box.

So I opened it, which wasn't hard to do as I noticed it was held together with bits of sellotape and I noticed that a side of the box was open, The box itself was that thin cardboard material and when I opened the box, there was huge amount of space (like I said before, the box was way too big) and across it was bits of sellotape, there was no bubblewrap or protection for the items. The cushions that I ordered were fine, the cutlery I ordered was scattered about all over the bottom of the box but I was willing to let that go as I thought they'd be getting washed anyway. 

The dinner set was in another thin cardboard box and the items had flimsy bits of cardboard inbetween (again, no bubblewrap or protection for the plates etc). I took out the bowls and side plates and they were fine but the 4 dinner plates (which is what I was really needing cause I was cooking a dinner for some friends and also for Christmas) were such a state, they were in bits. I ended up with bits of plate all over my carpet and I just couldn't believe it!

I paid for next day delivery so they must have been in a hurry at the ASDA warehouse or Yodel just decided to play a game of catch with the oversized box. Whatever the case, I bombarded ASDA, George at ASDA and ASDA service team with non stop tweets for about an hour (I could see that the service team were responding to people, I even searched their handle on twitter and I could see that my tweets were all over their notifications but they were jumping past mine to respond to other people. I assume this to be because they couldn't be bothered dealing with me cause that would involve having to sort out my order, arrange for replacements and it was nearly time for them to finish).

I knew for a fact that they could see my tweets as other followers came out in support of me and started tweeting (as well as RT'ng my tweets) them telling them to sort out my plates (that was kinda funny) 

All I wanted was for them to replace the 4 dinner plates that was all. I'm not usually one to complain about things like this and if it had only been one plate I would've let it go but four dinner plates!

So I have to chase this up now via phone or whatever cause they won't respond to my tweets or DMs (and I really can't be bothered) and fork out more money for some bloody dinner plates!

Anyway, rant over. It's safe to say that I won't be shopping at ASDA anymore. I wasn't happy with their grocery deliveries either so I stopped ordering from that but I kept that to myself but I'm really unimpressed with this and it ruined my day to be quite honest. 

Have you had any stressful online or in store experiences? (I bet you have) share them below in the comments section or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

Happy 2nd day of Blogmas, see you in the next post x

UPDATE: After what seemed like endless tweets and DMs, phonecalls back and forth, George At ASDA have gotten in touch with me to refund the delivery charge and have also offered to send out another dinner set instead of just the plates as a gesture of goodwill.

2ND UPDATE: The dinner set arrived this morning. It was delivered again by Yodel and came in a big box without padded protection. I was nervous opening the box but luckily everything inside was totally fine. Soooo we got there in the end lol, we now have dinner plates!! : ) 

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