Honest thoughts of 2018 & what's next? | #Blogmas Day 20

Here we are, another year over and a new one just about to begin! In all honesty, I've managed to crack a few of my goals for this year but there's a lot of goals which I haven't smashed!

This year hasn't really stood out for me. If someone was to ask what the highlight of my year was, I'd probably struggle to think of an answer, I'm sure there has been some good moments but all I seem to remember is the crappy or embarrassing bits.

There is so much more I want to achieve and quite a few things that I want to change about my life and do in 2019. I'm not going to make New Years resolutions or put pressure on myself to hit all these goals next year because you know what it's like, life gets in the way, things crop up and you may not get a chance to do the things that you planned to do. I used to put so much pressure on myself at this time of year and feel bad when I didn't achieve everything I wanted to achieve for that said year.

Now, I'm a lot more laid back. I will hit all of my goals at some point and hopefully I will hit most or all of them in 2019 but we shall see. 

As for the blog. I've worked hard on it this year and the response has been fantastic! I do wish that my blog got the recognition that it deserves but that's just the way that it is and you don't need an award to tell you that you're a good blogger. I'm happy with how my blog's been going at the moment and I hope to carry this on into 2019. 

It's been a crazy year here in the UK with the brexit drama and stuff but I can't be bothered talking about that, it's a subject that has been non stop.

I am hoping to move house next year, plan a trip up home and maybe do a little tour around Scotland and jump aboard one of those lovely old fashioned steam trains in Fort William or whatever. I have thoughts and plans of what I want to do next year so we'll see what the future brings and what I'll end up doing.

So, have you had a good 2018 or has it been crap from start to finish? I'd say mine has been 50/50. Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

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See you in the next #Blogmas post x

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