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 I talk a lot about pampering, self care and detoxing your body with bath and shower products but it's important to make sure that your face is getting that extra TLC treatment too. As a person who likes to wear makeup, fake tans and moisturisers, the skin on my face goes through quite a lot on a daily basis so I have to make sure that I do my best to take care of it and allow my skin to breath as well as taking some time to give it a thorough deep clean a few times a week.

I'm often nicknamed 'babyface' because I look younger than I am, I've always tried my best to look after my skin and take days to just have a makeup free day and I thought I would share a couple of the products that I've been using lately which I'm totally loving & I got them both at Morrisons whilst I was doing my supermarket shopping (the glitz and the glam lol). Both products are under £10 which is great because we all love good, quality products that are super affordable.

First up is the L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask (£8, 50ml from Morrisons). I had gone off clay masks for a while because I found them messy and preferred peel off masks but I've been loving this mask. The peel off masks are fun to use but I don't feel that they give my skin and pores that deep down clean that I'm looking for. The clay masks seem to really get the job done, this one in particular. I loved the feeling of it getting tighter on my skin and then washing off the mask with warm water. I splashed some cold water on after this and my skin felt so cool and refreshed. 

I would advise that you use a little face sponge or wash cloth to help wash off the clay mask. Also, keep some babywipes handy for after you've applied the mask to wipe the excess off your hands. Don't forget to put some of the mask on your neck too, some people forget about the neck area and that is often the first place you'll see the first signs of ageing. 

 I love these little nose pore strips. I know the clay mask does a brilliant job with detoxing my pores but I like a little extra help with the pores on my nose. I tend to use a lot of foundation and powder on my nose so the pores on there can get a bit clogged up, this is also one of the areas I tend to get blackheads so it's important for me to make sure that area gets some extra treatment too.

You can find these strips at Morrisons too for £8 (pack of 6). 

And there you have it, two of my favourites right now and don't forget to checkout Boots and Superdrug because they might sell these products a couple of pounds cheaper. I just included Morrisons because I bought them there but both should be under £10. Give them a whirl and see what you think.

Do you have any skincare detox products that you're loving at the moment? what are they? leave a comment below or tweet me 

See you in the next post x 

*All thoughts and opinions shared in this post are my own and 100% genuine. This is not a sponsored or gifted post. pictures are my own. 

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