Deep Thoughts, George Michael & Is 2019 The Year We Will See The End Of Traditional Blogs?

So it's finally here, the start of a New Year! Did you enjoy your Christmas? or was it quite an emotional time for you? I was watching a youtube video last week and someone said that part of the reason the Christmas holidays are so difficult for some people is that some people are used to having their everyday routine and have maybe thought that an issue that was bothering them had been dealt with. On the run up to Christmas and New Year it can seem like a magnifying glass has been held up to your life and you can start to dwell on some of the negative things that have happened during the year or think about broken friendships or family ties that you thought you had gotten over.

I had a really lovely Christmas and that was down to the fact that we did it our own way and there was no negative people around to spoil it. I've also had friends comment on how much better their Christmas holidays have been since they cut out negative people too. 

I'm not one for New Years resolutions. I don't smoke, hardly drink (although I did manage to polish off a few bottles of Bucks Fizz, Baileys and Prosecco this Christmas lol), I'm vegetarian and I do nice things for people who deserve it so I'm not that bad lol. Some people can dread a New Year and it's understandable, you feel like you're starting all over again and if you've had a crap 2018 you'll be probably be thinking that 2019 is just going to be another year of drama. I'm trying to look on the bright side.

I've said that 2019 is going to be the year that I continue as I am with avoiding negative people like the plague, look after myself and my health more, more pampering lol and visit more places, see how I go with goals and things. I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself because that's when the anxiety kicks in.

The only thing I've been dead set on for 2019 is that I want a white or silver Christmas tree (ha ha) for Christmas (how sad am I lol, already planning Christmas 2019 and we haven't even started the year yet). I want a retro vibe lol. 

I've ordered one of those 'Happiness planner' books so we'll see how that goes. I only ordered the 100 days one, if I like that I might get the year long one. I'm trying to be more organised and it's supposed to help you to plan better and feel more positive so we'll see, look out for it in an upcoming post. 

I took down all of my decorations yesterday (I usually keep them up for longer) cause I wanted to just get started with 2019 and my livingroom was still full of stuff from Christmas so I wanted to have a good sort out of everything and get my livingroom all cosy and comfy again. 

You've probably noticed (or you might not have lol) that I've not been on social media for about a week during Christmas celebrations and it's been a nice break. I know a few other bloggers and friends on Twitter have taken a break during this time and have mentioned it's been good for them too.
I should have mentioned this in one of my Blogmas posts but obviously you know the sad reality that George Michael passed away around this time of year (Christmas day) and you'll no doubt know his amazing song 'Last Christmas'. I'm a big fan of George and grew up with his music and I'm really sad that he's no longer with us. After he died, I couldn't listen to 'Last Christmas' for ages, it was one of my all time favourite songs and would make me feel instantly happy when I heard it but when George passed It would upset me. This Christmas I've had it on non stop, I've lost count of how many times it's been on and that's because now, I see it as a way of celebrating George.

The house in the beautiful village of Goring on Thames where he passed away looks so beautiful, like my ultimate dream home and Goring itself is like my ideal village. I'm hoping to visit there in 2019, that probably sounds weird but I don't care lol. I would love to visit the church next to George's house and the lovely little cafes and country pubs (these remind me of little towns in Scotland) and pay my respects. I wouldn't leave flowers because the family have requested that fans no longer leave tributes outside of George's Goring house (although some have been naughty and still do). I would probably make a donation to the church and leave a message in the memorial book for George (is that what you call it? a memorial book?).

I've also been thinking of blogging and I've already mentioned this before in a previous post but do you think traditional blogging is really on it's way out now that there's a rise in Instabloggers? The thought was making me sad because I had seen a few people mention that they thought this was the case and now that I have thought about it, I think that if your blog is more focused on review after review it may affect you but if you have other things on your blog (covering subjects such as mental health, health issues, book reviews etc) it may not be so bad. I do think that people want a more in depth review of products and probably feel that they can trust traditional bloggers more whereas Instabloggers are often paid and told what to say. That's just my opinion. 

Anyway, I've rambled enough. What's your thoughts on 2019 or anything I've rambled about in this post? leave a comment below or tweet me!

I wanted to post something to blow off some of the cobwebs as we go into 2019! Hope you have a fabulous New year ahead of you and don't forget to take it all at your own pace, there's no rush or pressure, do what's right for you in 2019!

Happy New Year & I'll see you in the next post x 

*All thoughts and opinions shared are my own and 100% genuine, this is not a sponsored or gifted post. Pictures are my own. 

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