Chased with a hammer then ending up in the back of a police car in my Pyjamas | #Blogmas day 11

Do you remember those Dr Pepper commercials? the ones that involved something really embarrassing happening to someone, like what is the worst case scenario? A guy walks into a store, grabs a can of Dr Pepper from a stand and the whole thing crashes to the ground? Have I got that memory right? well the theme was ''Dr Pepper, what's the worst that can happen''.

This was one of the things that was going through my mind in the wee hours of this morning whilst sat in the back of a police car with no makeup on, wearing pink sheep pj's and a hot pink faux fur robe. I looked about 12 years old and the whole look just screamed 'whatever happened to baby Jane'! 

Of course this had to happen to me lol, from one drama to another! For the record, I wasn't arrested but it must have looked that way to anyone passing by. I'm sure a few eyebrows were raised when they spotted a grown woman dressed head to toe in bright pink nightwear sat in the back of a police car. 

The fiasco began around midnight, my neighbour is out of town for a few days and I was going upstairs to brush my teeth when I heard this loud banging. Being half asleep and forgetting to use my braincells I decided in my infinite wisdom to pop out the front door and see what the situation was. 

To my absolute shock two guys, one with a balaclava and the other wearing a mask (there was also someone sat in a car with the engine running) were breaking into my next door neighbours house. They had tools with them and one of the tools looked like a gun in the dodgy light but it turned out to be a hammer. I said something along the lines of ''What the..'' and they both stopped in their tracks! The one with the balaclava lifted his hammer up and started charging towards me as if he was going to hit me with it. I ran back into the house straight away. 

After I went back into the house they seemed to just carry on breaking into my neighbours house for a few seconds, they must have known that someone had called the police because the next minute I heard the tyres of the car screeching away. 

Other neighbours came out and there was few people on the street waiting for the police to come (these idiots had woken everyone up). There was a knock at the door and people were asking me questions, the next minute I found myself on the pavement chatting to the neighbours (dressed in my bright pink PJ's and faux fur dressing gown, I didn't seem to think about what I was wearing at that time). We were all stood there in our nightwear like some dodgy Pyjama party gone wrong.

Luckily one of the neighbours got the license plate of the car. The police showed up and wanted me to make a statement. I already told them everything I knew but they wanted it in more detail and for me to sign the statement. The next minute (like something out of a comedy movie) I'm getting into the back of this police car in my Pink PJ's looking tragic! 

If there ever was a moment when I stopped and thought ''what is going on in my life, where am I'' lol, this was it! Never in a million years did I ever picture that I, one day (or night) would be sat in the back of a police car with no makeup on and my bright pink nightwear for all the world to see (thank god it was the early hours of the morning, the neighbours and the police still got a show though) 

To me this is a nightmare, to be seen like that and to be seen in the back of a police car (looking like that) cause people assume the worst lol! So, I had to sit there and do the whole statement word for word and they wanted to know how much feet the burglars were from where I was stood and all this kinda stuff. I tried to answer the questions the best way I could. It seemed to go on for ages.

The police told me that they found the getaway car abandoned, they didn't know if it was a stolen car or actually belonged to one of the burglars. I was shocked to see that they'd managed to actually get into my neighbours house and stole a few items. I was hoping that they'd been disturbed in the nick of time but unfortunately not. 

I finally got back into my house at 3am and I couldn't go to bed, I kept getting flash backs of the guy in the balaclava coming towards me with the hammer and the crazed look in his eyes. The police asked me If I had any holidays planned in the next 3 months and I told them I didn't, they said there's a possibility that I may have to go to court and appear as a witness. This could happen at any time over the next few months which I'm not exactly happy about. It isn't set in stone that I will have to go to court because they might not catch the guys but there's a possibility that I will and I'm not really comfortable with that hanging over me to be honest.

I'm not scared of going to the court, it's the fact that I will have to face these two guys and they could be anybody, relatives to some crazy violent family or something and obviously they'd view me as some kind of grass. It's bad enough that they know where I live. There's an element of paranoia within me right now because I keep thinking they're going to come back. I'm not comfortable with them knowing where I live.

Before all of this happened, I'd been wanting to move anyway and was planning on doing it next year. I'm hoping this can be quickly moved along and hopefully be away from here in the early months of the year. My other neighbour mentioned that a guy had tried to get into her house one night but ran off when she switched her kitchen light on. I thought this was a nice, quiet area but there's been a few dodgy things happening and I don't feel 100% comfortable and last night was just the cherry on the cake for me.

So, I'm just trying to get back into the festive spirit and try and move on from this. If the court case happens then I'll just have to deal with that at that time. The only positive I take away from this is being dressed as I was in the back of that police car, I feel that this was kind of unique and something I can tick off my bucket list or tell my future kids and grand kids. 

This has been a long post and last night was a really long night (or morning lol). I think I've only had 2 hours sleep but anyway, onwards and upwards as they say!

Thank you to everyone who kindly sent me tweets and direct messages, I've responded back to them and given all the details of what happened. 

If you've managed to read all this post, I salute and thank you!

If someone was to ask me what was the most bizarre moment of 2018 for me, I would have to say being in the back of that police car in my PJ's.

Hope you're enjoying #Blogmas so far. see you in the next post x 

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