A special thank you to these bloggers... | #Blogmas Day 22

(Don't worry, that's faux fur on there, I know what you're thinking lol)

As it is the season of giving thanks and showing your appreciation for loved ones, friends and kind people, I wanted to share a post thanking some of these absolute gems.

Normally I would steer away from this kind of post for fear of leaving somebody out by mistake but I'm going to try my best to include everyone. If I have accidentally left you out, don't take it personally, I haven't had much sleep lately lol.

So here we go.... 

- Sophie from SOINSPO :: Never a day goes by when there's not umpteen tweets going back and forth between me and Sophie. I don't know who followed who first but we somehow ended up chatting and although we've never met, seem to have loads in common. She has an amazing eye for detail and the looks of a model with the most fabulous personality. She covers some very personal experiences on her blog and has opened up about quite a lot of sensitive issues such as anxiety, social phobia and bullying, which I find really brave and you can see that she really wears her heart on her sleeve. She has gone out of her way on many an occasion to leave lovely comments on my blog or to check how I am especially If I've been venting on twitter about something. Sophie is an absolute diamond (I call her the queen of pink) and if you are not following her already on her blog or Twitter get your skates on, cause you're missing out!

- Laura from Miss L J Beauty :: We've been following each other for a few years now and Laura is such a kind & fabulous person. She is a fellow Scot too! Her blog covers beauty, fitness, travel, fashion and lifestyle. You should check out her photography on her blog and Instagram, she takes such gorgeous pictures when she travels and goes mountain biking. You can find Laura on Twitter give her a follow, she's awesome and you'll be glad that you did.

These absolute dolls listed below deserve a follow and a good read/subscribe of their blogs. I try my best to catch them when I'm on twitter for a chat and I always enjoy their blog posts. If you're looking for supportive, fun, talented bloggers, you need to get following these lovelies pronto:

- Blogger: Tea Party Princess | Twitter: @Corazzz 

- Blogger: Lisa's Notebook | Twitter: @LisasNotebook 

- Blogger: Glamour With Christine | Twitter: @With_Christine 

- Blogger: Grab A Cuppa | Twitter: @Niamhyyy99 

- Blogger: A Woman's Confidence | Twitter: @awcblogsarah 

- Blogger: Sincerely Essie | Twitter: @Sincerelyessie 

- Blogger: Ruth In Revolt | Twitter: @Ruthinrevolt

- Blogger: Miss Beauty Saver | Twitter: @MissBeautySaver 

And also a BIG THANK YOU to these fantastic Twitter RT accounts & the bloggers who are behind them for sharing my posts as well as others. 

Hopefully I've managed to cover everyone and not forgotten anyone, don't take offence if I have, I'm half asleep as I type this lol. Thank you to anyone who has liked, read, shared, retweeted, subscribed and commented on my blog or twitter, I really appreciate it and hope that you feel comfortable enough to send me your latest posts on either @CaledonianTweet or my RT account: @TheBloggersPost 

Do you have some favourite bloggers that I should be following? let me know in the comments below or tweet me, I love connecting with new bloggers too!

Hope you're feeling extra festive and excited for Christmas, not long to go!

There's still time to enter my Christmas giveaway 

See you in my next #Blogmas post x

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