The Chris Watts Case

So you may have heard about the Chris Watts case and his sentencing this week. If you're not familiar with the case, Chris Watts is a 33 year old man who murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters in Colorado. He planned the murders, disposed of the bodies and told a pack of lies to the police and media that his wife and children had gone missing when he knew where they were the whole time. 

The whole thing gets worse as it goes along because it turned out that Chris had been having an affair (some people have said that he had a few affairs with men and women) behind his wife's back and planning to sell his house and get an apartment with this other woman. His motive for the murders? apparently he wanted to start a new life with this woman that he'd been having an affair with for two months. He didn't want the 'baggage' of an ex wife, kids and child support payments around his neck. 

This whole case has shocked and disturbed me as it has done many people. What looked like the perfect family in pictures and videos on social media wasn't quite all that it seemed. Chris was like a monster waiting to pounce at any moment. I won't talk about how the murders were carried out in too much detail because it's very disturbing but Chris strangled his pregnant wife and smothered his two daughters. He then buried his pregnant wife's body in a shallow grave and put his two daughters (aged 3 and 4) in separate oil tanks. He then went to work the next day like nothing had happened and even made a few phone calls to tell his daughter's school/playgroup that they wouldn't be attending anymore cause they were moving.

Chris gave interviews with no emotion, he did tend to smile which was quite bizarre for someone who's wife and children were missing. A lot of people suspected him from the start but believe it or, there are people out there who supported him and still support him now! His family are quite odd too, His mother said she forgave him, loved him and would always stand by him no matter what. Some people have said that his family never approved of his marriage to his wife and didn't even attend their wedding. 

This is such a big case and people have been talking about it for months. Chris sank even lower (I don't think there's even a word for this man/monster) when the police accused him of the murders, he said that his pregnant wife had killed one of their daughters and then he killed his wife and other daughter. There was no remorse from him, the only time he cried was when there was discussion in the court room about whether he should get the death penalty. 

His wife's family decided to dismiss the death penalty and decided they wanted Chris to spend the rest of his life behind bars without parole. 

I feel so sad for Shanann Watts, the little girls and their family, to look back over their photo's and Chris and Shanann's wedding day is unbelievable, to think what happened to them. You can see from the pictures that Chris was or at least seemed like a different guy back then. He got into fitness etc during their marriage and had a bit of a body transformation, was he on steroids? who knows. What would drive a person to do such horrible and heartless things. 

This wasn't something that happened in a moment of rage, he planned the whole thing and didn't even blink an eye the day afterwards either, he played the victim and disrespected his wife, children and their family. 

The women he was having an affair with claims to know nothing about the whole thing and she said that he told her he was separated. The police don't seem to suspect her but some people aren't so sure. I don't know what to think.

I just wanted to talk about this on my blog because it's been on my mind the past few days. It's scary, you think that you know someone, a person who you're married to who ends up being this monster. I can't imagine what Shanann and those little girls went through, they adored him. 

Right now, Chris is sat in a prison cell (no doubt on suicide watch or solitary confinement away from other prisoners) where he's going to spend the rest of his life. I hope he does wake up one day with remorse and pain for what he's done. He wanted a fresh start without his wife and children, I don't think this was the fresh start he planned on. Like a true narcissist he thought he was clever enough to get away with it and pull the wool over everyone's eyes, but he was wrong. 

Shanann's family hope that one day Chris will tell everyone the truth and why he did it. 

My heart goes out to Shannan, Celeste, Bella, Nico, may they rest in peace and my love and prayers to Shanann's family. 

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Thanks for reading this post, hug your trusted loved ones and I'll see you in the next post x 

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