My birthday and hairstylist horror

If you follow me on social media or on here, you'll no doubt know that it was my birthday yesterday! Another year older but not wiser lol. 

I've kind of been celebrating my birthday from the 1st to the 5th. I've done plenty of shopping, ate far too much cake (from Patisserie Valarie how could I say no?) and had some beauty treatments done as well as some beautiful gifts, so all in all it's been a really lovely birthday but I do have to mention the hair drama lol, grab some tea for this one.

You can probably see from my pictures that my hair is very long, it goes all the way down to my butt. As part of a birthday treat and to perk myself up a little bit after one of my fur babies sadly passed away last week, I booked a few treatments and a trim at a new hair and beauty spa near to where I live.

My appointment was Thursday morning and when I arrived it was a gorgeous mansion with beautiful decor. I was going to blog all about it but the rain was coming down in buckets and I wasn't exactly singing and dancing when I came out of there. 

When I arrived, a lady greeted me at reception and she seemed nice. I sat in the waiting area which was really nice and comfortable whilst the hairstylist that I was supposed to be seeing was finishing with her customer. A young women came down the stairs and asked if I was waiting to see anyone and I explained about what treatments I had booked so she told me to come upstairs and she would do my treatments and my hair would be done afterwards. 

The young woman (I've forgotten her name) was so nice and we had a right good chat about everyday stuff. I was really pleased with all the treatments and booked another appointment with her for a few weeks time. I went downstairs to see the older woman for my hair doing and that's when the nightmare began,

First of all she had a face like a bulldog sucking a lemon (I'm not saying that to be bitchy but she wasn't the most welcoming person ever if you know what I mean). I tried to make conversation (Talking crap like ''Isn't the weather terrible'' lol). She didn't take my jacket or bag which was odd as I'm always used to having a gown put on me before having my hair done. I had to ask to take my jacket off and get a gown. She said ''Right, what are you having done?''. I explained that I wanted a trim and some layers put in my hair. There was only me and her in the room and the building itself was really quiet, just two or three members of staff there. 

First she told me to sit in a chair and then told me to move over to the sink to have my hair washed. At the sink she commented on how long my hair was and said she would have to cut a little bit off before she washed it. I didn't see what she was doing but again I mentioned that I was just having a little bit trimmed off the bottom of my hair and some long layers put it which she said was fine. 

Usually when I have my hair washed, the stylist does the whole massage thing with the scalp, not in this case, it was just, hurry, hurry, hurry. She was really rough with my head like it was a football or something. As quick as a flash she told me to sit in another chair in front of this tiny mirror with lots of products in front of it so you couldn't really see what was going on. 

Again I told her about how I wanted my hair. So she started to comb my hair and cut it. I tried making conversation asking if Thursdays were a busy day for her and she said ''Sometimes, we have a member of staff just diagnosed with breast cancer so we are having to see her clients today''. I replied that I was sorry to hear that, I wished that a cure could be found and that her colleague got through it all ok. Her reply left a bad taste in my mouth, she said in a sharp manner ''Yes, well it's just one of those things''.

Another customer came into the room and the stylist said to her ''Have you got an appointment? what do you want done?, have a seat, I won't be long''. This kind of annoyed me because I had booked my appointment well in advance and part of coming to a hair and beauty spa is that you relax and enjoy being pampered. I wasn't exactly feeling relaxed here.

She kept ferociously grabbing clumps of my hair and chopping it off, I assumed this was the layers at the front. She was really rough with my hair and at one point ripped my earring out of my ear, luckily it wasn't bleeding and she didn't apologise, luckily it landed on my sleeve. 

So, it took about 15 minutes and then she stopped and told me my hair was done. I stood up to try and see in the crappy mirror and noticed my hair was touching my shoulders, I thought that would just be the layers until I noticed to my horror that I could not feel any hair at my back. She'd cut off all of my hair. When I came in my hair was at my butt and now it was touching my shoulders. I specifically asked for a trim, that I wanted to keep the length and have long layers. 

I was devastated but felt like I was put on the spot cause she was staring at me asking what I thought. With the week I was having and everything I just didn't have the strength for any confrontation so I just pretended to be pleased with it. As I went to pay (I didn't leave a tip lol, no bloody way!) she was trying to get me to make another appointment to have my hair done again in 6 weeks time or whatever, I made excuses and said I'd have to check my diary etc. There was no way in hell that I was letting that woman near my hair ever again! 

I did book treatments with the other lady I mentioned earlier cause she was nice and did a fabulous job but no way am I having my hair done at that place again! You could call me a drama queen but seriously, how do you go from having such long hair that you can practically sit on to it just touching your shoulders? especially when you asked for a trim? 

I won't be getting my hair cut for a while, I'll be happier when it grows to just under my boobs lol. Next time I'll be going back to my trusty Tony & Guy cause they always do my hair exactly how I want it. I don't know what this woman's problem was but she wasn't a happy bunny from the moment I walked in anyway. 

I wasn't happy at all about my hair but everyone seemed to love it (I thought that was just them trying to make me feel better). Once I had washed and styled it my own way I started to embrace it and now I actually do like it. It's a lot shorter than I'm used to and I miss my long hair but I just have to put it down to a lesson learned. 

I will update my profile pictures at some point and you'll see the result. If you're out there and you're planning on going to a new stylist to get your hair done, take a picture of the style you want, make sure that you can see everything that's going on in the mirror and you tell them till you're blue in the face how much you want cut off. If you see anything dodgy going on then stop them and say that you don't want this or that too short or could they do something different. I trusted someone that I shouldn't have lol. 

Have you got any hair stylist horror stories? leave a comment below or tag me in a post on twitter and I'll read and share.

Thanks as always for reading, hope you had a fabulous Bonfire night and I'll see you in the next post x 

*All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and 100% genuine. this is not a sponsored or gifted post. Picture is my own.

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