I was called a ''dirty migrant'' | Personal post

So, I wasn't going to talk about this for many reasons, I didn't want to depress anyone or ruffle a few feathers but I think it's important to share this, especially with some of the tensions that are going on in the UK today. 

I don't know how to talk about this in this post so I'll just say it how it happened and see where I go from there lol. I was doing some Christmas shopping on my own and was just minding my own business, I had a few bags with me and I was getting something out of my bag when a middle aged couple walked past me, the guy looked at me and said to his wife ''Look love, the dirty migrants must be over again'' and she (who was also looking at me with a stern face) laughed. I just stood in shock not knowing what to do.

It's not the first time that I've encountered this type of thing, I'm used to the Scottish jokes and I just laugh them off because I don't find them offensive, sometimes people ask me what country I'm from because ''I don't look like I was born in the UK'', sometimes this is said in a nice manner and I can see that it's meant in a complimentary way which I don't mind, what I do mind is these types of comments which I've received:

- ''Are you half paki or summat?''
- ''Paki bird''
- ''Is your dad a paki?''
- ''I assume you're from Bradford?'' 
- ''You're not british'' 
- ''Didn't think by the look of you that you'd have a Scottish accent, thought you were foreign''

amongst other comments. 

Because of my dark hair, hazel eyes, features and tendency to wear fake tan, some people assume me to be exotic which I take as a compliment but I have encountered a few people who are not so welcoming. I was born in Scotland, lived, worked, paid taxes in Scotland and England since the age of 15, to be told that I'm not British and this isn't my country and all that crap is a bit pathetic!

I've lived in England for a long time and whilst most English people are totally fabulous, some can be racist. I'm sorry to say it but it's true and it's very blatant. I have seen other people be racially abused in the street, in the work place and this is in 2018!! 

It seems to be that If you look a bit different to everyone else or have a bit of an exotic look to you, that some people don't like it and feel the need to say horrible remarks to your face. 

I do have a bit of Spanish in me and the way I do my makeup gives me a kind of exotic look. I like being different but what I don't like is people who try to turn that into a negative thing. 

I feel a bit odd sharing this post but I'm glad that I have done because other people may have experienced the same thing and this is something that really needs to be opened up for discussion. We have a problem in the UK, there's divides which have opened up and there's people who are trying to create something really negative. 

Let me know your thoughts on this below in the comments or you can chat privately with me at: caledoniankblog@yahoo.co.uk 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post (sorry if I've spoiled the festive mood a little bit, I promise the next post will be a cheery one)

See you in the next post x

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