Things that really irk me | #Blogtober day 18

I saw this hilarious post on the fantastic Weird & Liberated blog the other day and asked if I could pinch the idea for a blog post. I have seen a few of these posts floating around where bloggers have listed their pet hates and they are so relatable and really funny so I thought I would have a go. Have a browse and see if you can relate to any of these and maybe have a go yourself if you're a blogger.

Here goes, grab some tea & have a good read....

1) People who don't wash their hands after going to the toilet!

This is just totally gross and I don't understand people who don't wash their hands it's just yuck!! 

2) People who chew pens!

Have you ever had this where you've maybe lent someone a pen at school or at work and they've sent it back with the lid all chewed and covered in saliva (yuck). Can you imagine the number of germs they are putting into their mouths.

3) People who bite their nails & spit the nails out on the floor!

Horrible! I know with some people it can be a nervous thing but it's just a plain no in my book.

4) When you feel like you need to sneeze but can't!

This is awful and makes you look like a crazy person especially if you're in public. 

5) Delivery men who wait for 1 second at your front door, not giving you time to even get to the front door before they disappear! 

Happens all the time. 

6) When your parcel or letter arrives and it's quite clearly been opened! 

I've noticed this a lot especially if someone has sent me a card or if its around Christmas time.

7) When you've just painted your nails and notice there's a big smudge on one of your nails!

This drives me mad especially when I have to do them all over again.

8) The words ''Totes emosh''!

I don't know why this annoys me but it just does.

9) The Royal Family: 

If they fart or burp it's in the papers. The press ram their weddings down our throats and I read yesterday that Harry & Megan were moving into their new palace after having to wait for millions of pounds worth of repairs to be done. It annoys me all the money that could go to charity, the homeless and the NHS instead of grand outfits, weddings and holidays.

10) Over photoshopped swatches!

We see this a lot with brands and some bloggers. If you're going to do a swatch at least do it without the fancy lighting and re-touching so that we can see what the shade actually looks like. These types of pictures also have a robotic like look to them. 

11) Unsupportive bloggers!

The ones who don't bother responding to you, don't follow you back or just play the follow/unfollow game on Instagram. 

12) Instagram!

Too much fakeness, photoshopping and people buying followers to appear to be more popular. I know some of the bloggers I follow have amazing accounts and they don't get the attention that they should get. All I've seen about Instagram lately is negativity.

13) Creepy guys on twitter who dm you trying to chat you up etc!

I had one of these recently, he said he liked the music that I liked and that's why he followed me. It soon became apparent that this guy was a bit of a raincoat man especially since he started following a lot of fellow bloggers who were in their 20's and blogged about makeup and fashion. I wondered what a guy in his mid 40's was doing following young women who were blogging about beauty/fashion. I thought he was harmless at first but when it soon became clear that he was going to get nowhere near me, he got really bitchy lol. I had to block! 

14) Guys who can't take rejection!

I try to let people down nicely and nine times out of ten it always ends up with the guy acting like a little brat. It's a bit odd. 

15) People/brands who say that bloggers get 'freebies'!

Wouldn't it be lovely if we did! But no, we work hard on our posts, photography, planning, drafting, promoting, sharing, managing...the list goes on. There's nothing easy about blogging and anything we do get we have to work hard for. 

16) Stuck up brands/PRs! 

I'm not a fan of these and there has been times when I've been tempted to reply to a bitchy email with 'f!!k off' lol.

17) Fake people! 

The ones who tweet stuff like "I'm in my hotel room, it's such a beautiful morning & I'm having my avocado on toast & I'm so looking forward to my Spa session later & booking my holiday to Barbados'' (and there's a picture of them sat on a perfectly made bed, make up on fleek holding a beauty or skincare product with a fake smile). If it's an ad they should declare it lol! If that is their real life then great for them but I don't think it's entirely realistic and young people & other bloggers see this kind of thing and start to question why their lives are not perfect like that. 

18) People who turn up to your house unannounced! 

I'm not talking about the postman or deliveries that you know are coming. I'm talking about people who show up at your door when you haven't been informed beforehand. 

I could go on about things that irk me but we'll be here all night lol. I thought I better stop! So, what do you think? Do you relate to any of these or so you think I'm being too harsh lol?

I would love to hear/read what drives you mad. I find these posts so funny and a real entertaining read so if you do decide to do this, send me your post on twitter and I'll read and share.

Much love as always for reading & I'll see you in the next post! 

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