The little hair gem you NEED in your life! | #Blogtober day 27

I was watching a beauty vlogger's video on youtube a few weeks ago and I noticed that she had this wiry bracelet on her wrist. I was wondering what it was and just thought it was just an unusual piece of jewellery. She then mentioned it was a hair accessory!

At first I couldn't understand why anyone would think of this bracelet that looked like a piece of retro telephone wire as a hair accessory, then I saw more of them popping up in other people's videos and they intrigued me more and more so I thought I would order some pink ones to see what all the fuss was about.

So, I found them on Missguided (£5.00 for a pack of 3) and the correct name for them is invisibobble 

They are little wire rings that are super stretchy and they double up as both a hair accessory and a bracelet. The reason theses rings are so popular is that they claim to be:

- Traceless (so there's no annoying bobble mark left in your hair).

- They are supposed to be a lot more gentle on the hair and scalp so they help avoid headaches. 

- They claim to be a lot better and more caring for your hair than normal elastic bobbles.

- They are waterproof and have a stronger grip than your run of the mill elastic bobbles.

So I put these to the test! I have long straight hair which I still straighten (just to get rid of any kinks) and sometimes If I'm working, in the gym or just want my hair out of my face I have to use two black elastic bobbles to put it up in a ponytail and even then I have to wrap the bobbles around a few times till it feels secure. I always end up with my scalp doing that horrible throbbing thing.

Then, when I take the black elastic bobbles out, my previously straight hair looks like it has a big dent in it lol. So I used one of these hair rings and to my surprise, one was enough and it only needed wrapping around twice, it felt really secure and there was no throbbing feeling in my scalp.

After a while I took the ring out and my hair was perfectly poker straight, not a crease to be seen! I now see what all the fuss was about. It's funny now because I'm one of those people (I've joined the invisibobble hair cult lol) with one of them on my wrist now as a bracelet, ready to use when I fancy flipping my hair up in a pony tail. 

I wish I'd discovered them sooner!

Have you got some of these? what do you think? If you don't, get yourself some. They come in a variety of colours. I got mine from missguided which was £5 for a set of 3 but you can find them elsewhere at various prices.

Here's to more happy hair days...

See you in the next post x 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% genuine. This is not a gifted or sponsored post. product purchased by me. Picture is my own. 

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