Meet the blogger: @BeckasBubble | #Blogtober day 20

It's day 20 of #Blogtober and in today's post you'll be learning a little bit more about the fabulous Becka from Becka's Bubble  

So grab your pumpkin spiced latte or your bonfire lattes (If you haven't tried them yet, get your skates on, they are divine!!) and say hello to Becka.....

Q1) What inspired you to create a blog?

I started a blog entitled Educating Roversi back in March 2015 when I was on maternity leave with my first born, Lucas. Like most bloggers, I felt like I needed to use my brain and blogging was a good way to do it. I was completely naive about how long and how much effort it would take or how addictive it would be. In September 2018 I started Becka's Bubble a new blog to suit a new chapter in my life now I have resigned from teaching. I'm feeling super motivated and enthusiastic about the future with Becka's bubble.

Q2) What are your favourite type of posts to write?

I love those posts that have a real topic or that I have a real interest for. That moment when you start writing something and think ''Ooh this is going to be good'' and then you can't stop typing. Sentimental posts about my children, marriage or my family always are very therapeutic for me.

Q3) What has been your favourite blog post that you've written to date?

On the basis that I'm focusing on Becka's Bubble now. I have to say A letter to Lucas - First day at school My mum read it and cried. It's real and directly from the heart.

Q4) What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram (@BeckasBubble) all the way! I'm a visual person so I love seeing people's lives through those little squares and instastories is addictive. It's nice that people have moved away from showing an airbrushed version of their lives and are showing reality. It's far more interesting. I use stories daily and try to post at least one picture a day.

Q5) What is your least favourite social media platform and why?

For my blog, probably Facebook I use it for my personal account but I find it sooooooooo frustrating for my blog page! It seems to take far longer to grow and the interaction is less. 

Q6) What are your favourite things about autumn?

Whenever we get finished with one season, I start to look forward to the next, I'm ready for the change. After a very warm summer, I'm actually really enjoying wearing my cosy pyjama bottoms instead of shorts and my cardigans are back out of the wardrobe too. This autumn I'm also looking forward to a two night trip to Dublin with my girlfriends and I really like Halloween now i have kids to enjoy the fun with.

Q7) What are your plans for Halloween?

Since having Lucas I've held a little party at the house for him and his NCT mates. I'm not sure if I'll do it this year because he'll have all his school friends too but it's super cute seeing them all dressed up! I will take him trick or treating around our village, to the houses we know and I'll use it as an excuse to dress Sienna up as a pumpkin or something too.

Q8) Which brands would you love to collaborate with?

OMG! The million pound question! In a dream world, the brands I would love to work with would be Disney, Cath Kidston, Next and Volkswagen. If Disney emailed me and said ''Ey up Becka! We'd love to work with Becka's bubble'' I think I'd be so excited that I might wee a bit!

Q9) Have you ever had a bad experience with a brand? if so, what happened? (you don't have to include the brand name)

No I haven't. After 3 years of blogging with Educating Roversi and just starting Becka's Bubble, I have only worked with a handful of brands but I have to say that the ones I have worked with have been super lovely.

Q10) If you have collaborated with a brand, which one has been your favourite so far?

I really enjoyed creating the content in my collaboration with The Milky Tee Company The pictures from it are some that I will treasure and it was a product that really suited my lifestyle so I felt like I could give it an honest and real review.
Q11) Are you taking part in #Blogmas this year?

I've thought about it but I'm not sure I could keep to it this year. Maybe next year when Becka's Bubble is more established! I have been planning some Christmas content though and did use the Blogmas themes as inspiration.

Q12) What do you think of beauty advent calendars?

I like the idea of them but they always seem really expensive. I suppose you do get some decent presents in them but I'm all for a basic chocolate one. I may be 34 but my mum still buys me one every year.

Q13) What is your favourite horror movie?

I'm not a huge horror fan! Any horror movies that are about unrealistic things don't scare me. The last horror film I saw was 'it' at the cinemas with my best friends and I just wasn't feeling it at all. Anything that could actually happen is more scary to me but I wouldn't say that I have a favourite one. 

Q14) Favourite Christmas movie?

Oooh difficult, The Grinch because I love the scene when he's trying different outfits on but Elf in general makes me chuckle throughout and the Love Actually just makes me go all soppy and makes me laugh too. 

Q15) Favourite Christmas song?

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. For me it IS Christmas and I love to sing so obviously I love to attempt the high notes at any given opportunity.

Q16) Christmas or instore?

A bit of both.... Last year I was pregnant with sienna so a lot more of my Christmas shopping was done online, more than ever before. It was dead easy and I'll definitely do the same again this year 
but I do like to do some physical Christmas shopping too. I usually hit the Sainsbury's toy sale in October and that marks the start of my Christmas shopping. 

Q17) Favourite hot drink during autumn/winter?

Ok, last year I LIVED off the Costa Black Forest hot chocolate! This year I'm aiming to be at target weight for Christmas so I need to avoid Costa like the plague! They are delicious though....

Q18, Favourite scented candle?

The Yankee Candle range in general but particularly the fresh linen one. That's my favourite one of all. I used to love cosying up on the sofa with lots of candles lit but now we have two kids, the candles tend to be kept in a drawer and I forget to get them out and light them.

Q19) Fluffy socks, slippers or both?

Slippers! I love slippers and pyjamas! If I only got them for Christmas, I'd be a super happy lady.

Q20) Favourite posts to read by other bloggers? (for example: personal posts, shopping hauls etc)

Either something I can relate to, or stationery/Disney hauls. I also love watching/reading home organisation stuff. That is addictive. My husband actually thought I was nesting three months too late in March when I completely organised the entire house because I'd been watching videos and reading organisational tips! 

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