Bolt from the blue | #Blogtober day 11

You know when you think that life is going a bit ok and you're getting on with things and then suddenly you get some news out of the blue and it knocks you off your feet. Well, that's my situation tonight. 

If you follow me on social media or here on my blog you'll know that I'm originally from Scotland and currently live in England. I'm from a small town in Scotland where everybody pretty much knows everyone and I do go back for visits every now and then and keep in contact with friends/family. 

I sometimes check the local paper from my hometown just to keep up with what's going on there. I decided to have a browse tonight and that's when I got the shock, a childhood friend of mine had died. I hadn't seen this person for years but he was a big part of my childhood through primary school and high school. 

His brother was best friends with my brother so he would always look out for me at school and was a really lovely person, not like the usual teenage boys that you find who were immature lol. He was very quiet and had a matureness about him.

I knew that he had lung problems as a child but whenever I saw him growing up he always ran about like the other kids and seemed to have bags of energy. I never asked him about his lung condition but it seems that as he got older the condition got so bad that he had to have an oxygen mask at all times.

He got married when he was 19 and had children with his wife which I'm so glad that he had because he was a brilliant father and his kids looked up to him.

When I read the news I was shocked and then I couldn't stop crying. I don't know why I had this reaction after I hadn't seen him in so long but I really felt the loss and remembered all the times he was so kind to me.

I just felt like I needed to write something on my blog (It's turning into a freaking diary lol) because in a way it feels therapeutic to get it down on paper (or type it on a screen). I'm still shocked and saddened by this and didn't see it coming but that's life, it can jump up at you sometimes when you least expect it. 

His family had to raise funds for his funeral which was also heartbreaking but so many people donated and that shows just how much people thought of him, such a well liked person.

The next time I'm up in my hometown I hope I can visit his grave (that probably sounds a bit odd or eerie) and lay some flowers down. It's such a shame. I wish I could have met him again years ago and had a coffee and a catch up with him whilst I was in town but sadly it was not to be. Life is cruel sometimes, you have to grab it with both hands and try to live your best life. 

I know this is a sad post but it's a reminder to me and you that life is so very short. My reaction to this has shocked me, all the tears that kept coming but I think it was because he was a part of my childhood too and most of my family knew him as he always visited with his brother and grandmother. 

I was blessed to have known him in the short time that I did. I'll say a little prayer for him tonight. 

Thank you for reading this sad post and I hope to see you in the next one where things will (hopefully) be more positive x 

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