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It's getting to that time of year again when brands are launching their Christmas ranges, PR's are contacting bloggers and sending out beauty advent calendars etc and there's a little bit of tension in the air in the blogging community.

This happened last year and the year before and I recognise the signs beginning to show. Not all members of the blogging community are bothered about this but quite a few are and I thought I would discuss this in a post because I know it's not an easy subject. 

We all want to be seen as supportive and happy for each other when someone is given a fantastic opportunity we congratulate them as we should. The situation I'm talking about is the tension when brands collaborate on Christmas ranges with certain bloggers and not others. You'll see a tweet or post where a brand has sent out a massive range of their Christmas makeup brushes, palettes or whatever to a certain blogger but that said brand won't work with you or certain bloggers are invited to a brand's Christmas party/launch and you feel that you've been left out. 

This does create a bit of a divide with some bloggers feeling like they're not good enough or asking questions why a brand won't work with them. How do I know this? because I've seen various tweets over the past couple of weeks where bloggers have talked about deleting their content and giving up. 
I got to this point last year, not because I didn't get any 'special treatment' from a brand but because I was no longer enjoying blogging because of the negativity in the community. There was a lot of drama last year when it became known that a lot of popular bloggers had been found to have been buying their followers on Instagram.

It became a bit of a witch hunt with people 'outing' people if they suspected them to be paying for their followers. A couple of bloggers were falsely accused of this and at one stage, one of the bloggers threatened to get a lawyer involved. 

With all this going on and then being messed about by brands and PR's (you know the story) trying to get me to work for free. I ended up stressed out by it all and my personal life was busy and hectic. I ended up deleting all my content (and @TheBloggersPost which had over 10k followers at the time) and stopped blogging for 6 months. I didn't think I would ever return to it. Even when I'd log in to twitter all I'd see was bloggers arguing on the timeline so I'd had enough of it all.

I ended up coming back to blogging and starting from scratch. I made the decision that my blog would  still be a lifestyle and beauty blog but I would also include topical and mental health posts. I'm happy with my blog at the moment because I put what I like on here, I talk about anything I want and my review posts are mostly items that I have bought myself. I also like that my blog isn't just reviews one after the other, it has a good mix. 
We are still having the never ending drama of Instagram following and unfollowing (hence why I no longer have Instagram lol) and that doesn't seem to have slowed down. I find it sad that there are bloggers out there who don't support other bloggers. I have various types of bloggers following me from beauty to DIY and I follow them back. I'm not saying that bloggers should be forced to follow everyone but if someone has taken the time to follow you, subscribe to your blog, commented etc, it would be nice to give that person some support back.

Recently I followed a blogger who'd responded to one of my tweets asking who was doing the #Blogtober challenge and I included her blog link in my blog post and retweeted her social media links on @CaledonianTweet as well as @TheBloggersPost, She responded with a 'Thank you' but didn't follow me back. I found that odd but a bit typical of some people in the blogging community. They want you to follow them on Instagram, Twitter etc but when it comes to them doing something in return they disappear. Her link is still up on my blog post, I haven't removed it but I have unfollowed her on Twitter (and I won't be retweeting her posts on @TheBloggersPost either from now on).

Brand's and PR's have a part to play in this as well. If they would consider working with more smaller bloggers and not just the popular ones and if they made it fair to everyone, give more people a chance to shine. I understand that they would want to work with popular bloggers in terms of more publicity but a lot of the time (no shade), I see more engagement with smaller bloggers and they seem to be more supportive of fellow bloggers too. What do you think? 

I also see popular bloggers charging smaller bloggers for blog tips? I've already moaned about this in a recent post so I'll spare you the ear ache (or eye ache). They make a mint from ads/sponsored posts as it is and get all the fabulous opportunities that smaller, hard working bloggers (not saying that popular bloggers don't work hard because I know a lot of them do) don't get and then they're asking them for money in exchange for tips? I find that a bit hypocritical especially when they talk about everyone supporting one another and we are all family in the blogging community. 
So to the bloggers who are not enjoying the way things are going on at the moment, hold in there and don't delete all your hard work. There are a lot of very lovely, supportive bloggers in the community. The things that are annoying you about the blogging community will no doubt be annoying other bloggers. I'm sure a lot of people relate to the Instagram struggles. 

Well, I hope you feel a little bit better reading this post and know that if you've encountered some unfriendly bloggers or seen some of the negativity online hopefully this is a reminder that there are some great, supportive bloggers around and try not to focus on the negative ones.

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Much love and see you in the next post x 

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