Bloggers Copying Bloggers | #Blogtober day 16

So, I was enjoying my cup of cadburys hot chocolate, with my candles lit and reading through blogs when a blog post popped up on my timeline with the same title as one of my most recent posts. I didn't think anything of this (people are allowed to have the same titles and it was probably just a coincidence I thought to myself) 

I'd never come across this blogger before so I thought I would have a read of the post and as soon as I clicked on the page, this terrible sinking feeling came over me. At first I thought that it was my blog post, the pictures were different and the blog layout was different but the text was practically mine.

The introduction to the post was practically copied and pasted from my post the day before. A few of the products featured were the same that I had written about and the text underneath the pictures of those products was what I had said but with a couple of tweaks here and there. 

I started to wonder if I was imagining things lol, I put my post and her post side by side to see if I was just being silly and as I had originally thought, it was a blatant attempt at copying my post.

I was annoyed at first and was wondering what to do next. It's not the first time that's happened and I know a lot of bloggers who've had their posts copied and their pictures stolen. 

This person is a new blogger with only 198 followers on twitter. I thought it was a fake account at first or one of those bots that can sometimes pick up people's blog links and tweet them out but no, this was an actual person, 

My frame of mind at this precise moment in time is just to leave it, I can't be bothered with the drama of confronting her and to be honest, if you have to copy other people's work you're not going to get very far. 

I don't have the energy at the moment to make a big deal out of it because one, I found a childhood friend of mine had recently passed away and two, she's only got 198 followers on twitter and is a new blogger so that tells you all you need to know about the reason she's blogging. You can always tell the ones who are in it to see what they can get. 

I wouldn't dream of copying someone else's hard work. I find it really sad that some people can't  be bothered to come up with their own ideas or put the time in.

As I mentioned before, this is common, I'm not the first blogger to have this happen and I won't be the last. 

Have you had your work copied or pictures stolen? What did you do about it? Leave a comment below with your blog link or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet 

Thanks as always for reading my rants and raves on here lol, I really appreciate it!

See you in the next post! x 

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