Are Insta blogs taking over traditional blogs? | #Blogtober day 12

So we know there's been tension in the blogging community for quite a while now (from my experience, I would say since around this time last year) regarding Instagram. We've seen the drama with the following/unfollowing games and now the 'buying followers' situation seems to have gotten worse instead of better.

I spoke about this previously that last year a few popular bloggers were found out to have bought followers on Instagram. These bloggers were receiving a lot of amazing brand opportunities and it left an angry stain on the blogging community. The bloggers who'd worked for years to build up their audience felt that these bloggers had cut ahead of them and cut corners which they felt was unfair.

I've already spoken about my dislike for the whole Instagram thing and I've decided not to have an account on that platform. I don't see the point of driving myself crazy with all these games that continue to go on, plus I don't think I could compete with people who have stacks of cash to buy thousands of followers every 5 minutes lol.

I think what makes the situation with Instagram more magnified is that brands are more and more turning to 'Instragram bloggers' to collaborate with and the traditional bloggers are having a bit of a step down. 

What do I think of this? Well, if you already have a traditional blog and Instagram is one of your platforms then fair play to you but it does make me want to do the side eye when there's someone claiming to be a blogger (without a traditional blog) cause they posted a pic of a lipstick and wrote a sentence underneath it.
The traditional bloggers especially the beauty and fashion bloggers know that Instagram is quite an important platform for them so you can understand the anger when they have worked so hard for years on their blog and tried to transfer this onto their Instagram and try to build an audience on there, only for someone to pop up out of nowhere without a traditional blog, buys a few thousand bots (fake followers) and then suddenly they are collaborating with some of the best brands around. 

This is getting more and more common as time goes on. I've seen a few tweets and blog posts this week from traditional bloggers who are tearing their hair out over this. Victoria from In The Frow wrote a great post on the subject of fake Instagram followers & engagement and how it is affecting the blogging community. 

Some brands are wise to all of the Instagram tricks but there are quite a lot who are not. I do think that the troubles on Instagram is quite damaging to the blogging community because it shows that some people are just in it for money but don't want to do the hard work. It also shows a lack of trust and some people may overgeneralise and think that all of us who blog are the same. We've seen it in the past with some people referring to bloggers as 'parasites' who just want 'freebies'. 

What do you think?, is the traditional blog dying out in favour of the 'Instagram bloggers'? or do you think there will ever be a time when people are sick of Instagram and focus back on traditional blogs and more in depth reviews by bloggers who don't buy their followers (Not saying that all bloggers on Instagram buy their followers because I know that they don't and I know they struggle sometimes to get the recognition and support that they deserve).

For brands that want a picture of their product out there with the most positive review and the most views/likes so they'll go for whoever has the biggest following on Instagram. Some brands do their research and others don't. Some PR's are too lazy to do the research and don't look at the comments underneath the pictures (some bots have been found to repeat the same comments over and over again) or the lack of engagement. Someone pointed out that if you have 18,000 followers on Instagram, then why only 100 likes per pic? Things like this keep popping up and traditional bloggers are noticing and getting angry about it. 

I hope things take a more positive turn with this whole thing and for me personally, pretty pictures are nice but I like reading traditional blog posts. With the Instagram bloggers a lot of them are sponsored so you don't know if you're getting the real, honest opinion of the product. 

What are your thoughts on this? let me know in the comments below or tweet me at: @CaledonianTweet I would love to hear/read what you think.

As always, thanks for checking out my latest post and I'll see you in the next one x 

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