The hell that is PMS! | Personal post

I have a question, who are these people who can resist the urge to indulge in Chocolate and pizza during PMS and settle for a green salad? Where do they get their willpower from?

I'm in the middle of suffering the delights of PMS. The past week has seen me go from eating nearly everything in sight to crying over something ridiculous like an old woman winning a car on a game show or something.

And then there's the dreaded rise in anxiety which is always a bit of a nightmare. I go a bit ''funny'' during this time and last night I only had 2 hours of sleep because I was over thinking things and feeling a bit paranoid. I was really tired but my mind wouldn't let me sleep and then I was thinking about cheese, chocolate, strawberry milkshakes, pringles etc.

I know a lot of us have a hell of a time with PMS but does anyone else feel like their anxiety and everything goes through the roof during this time? I also get annoyed at the least little thing. I will say one thing though, that I do manage somehow to keep a lid on my emotions around people but inside I'm feeling extra vulnerable.

This tends to go on for a few days and the first few days of my period then things start to settle down and I start to feel somewhat 'normal' again and sleeping patterns are better, normal diet resumes.

I also have to be extra careful around this time because of panic attacks. I've managed to avoid them with my relaxation techniques and endless cups of camomile tea so far and with all this I just have to ride the storm like a lot of us women do.

I've read about some women going to the doctor to be put on the pill because of the craziness of the hormones during this time and also some women go through a lot of terrible pain. After all these years periods are never something that I or a lot of women get used to. Sometimes you have a good month (no cramps etc) and some times you might have PMS/periods with headaches, nausea or panic attacks.

The only things that help me during this time is Junk food, bubble baths and lots of chocolate! I don't know how I would cope if someone took the chocolate away and gave me a salad lol. I like salads usually in everyday life but PMS/period time I crave the naughty foods!

Are you a healthy eater during that TOTM or are you like me, a chocoholic? and if you suffer from anxiety, do you feel it gets worse at this time? leave a comment below, Tweet me or if you fancy a private chat (that sounds like I'm chatting someone up lol) email me at:

I'm off to eat more chocolate, pizza and pringles lol. See you in the next post x

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