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 So, it's Saturday afternoon and the rain is pouring down in buckets outside, the weather is cold and dull and not exactly cheery, shopping weather so I've decided to take today as a 'self care' day. All I've done so far today is had my breakfast, lunch, numerous cups of Chamomile tea whilst binge watching 'American horror story' and checking social media now and again. 

I'm still in my robe, pink fluffy dressing gown on with my hair in a messy bun. Makeup is nowhere to be seen but do you know what? I feel so relaxed and chilled. I always say that it's important to have these days to just take things at your own pace, shut out the world for a while, watch your favourite films on Netflix and basically do.....NOTHING!
 Sunday is usually my 'Pampering/self care day' but I've decided I'm going to go wild (lol) and have today and tomorrow to kick back, relax and chill. This past week has been a busy, stressful one so I'm giving my mind and body a bit of a rest and pampering. 

I've heard of people who just have one day a month to relax and I can't believe that. I know everyone is different but I think you should really have 1/2 days a week where you take time to relax and unwind, I believe it's essential for the mind, body and soul. 
 Have you noticed a difference in how you feel when you take a day or two to relax and pamper yourself? If you suffer from Anxiety you'll know how exhausting getting through the days can be especially if you have a hectic work/blogger/uni schedule on top of that. 

I always feel so much better after a day or two of pampering and ready to take on the week. Usually on a Saturday I would be shopping and that for me is a form of therapy (I do tend to go earlier in the morning before the shops get too hectic) and Sunday would be chilled out day. 

Right now I have a really big mug of herbal tea. My favourite is Chamomile, vanilla and manuka honey tea from Pukka. If you're an anxious person you'll know that anxiety can take a toll on the nervous system and leave you feeling exhausted and drained. Drinking 3 cups of Chamomile tea a day can help calm the body and mind. I usually have one at breakfast, during lunch and one before bed. 
 As well as treating yourself to a lovely warm mug of comforting tea, a warm bath is great too! I love my bubble baths and I've also gotten really into bath salts recently especially for their detox properties. I've been loving the range from I Love 

I've written some previous posts about my favourite skincare, bath, body and pampering products, you can have a read of some of them (if you're looking for some new products to try) if you click the links below:

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I also like to read a good book and do some adult colouring in (it's really relaxing) you can find a good range of books (I'm a true crime buff) and adult colouring books on Amazon 

I like cooking or treating myself to some of my favourite food and a little bit of chocolate or cake. It's important that you try to do the things that make you feel relaxed and happy on these days. 

So my rules for the perfect 'self care' day?

- Comfy clothes, either PJ's, a robe or both (depending how cold you are)

- Scented candles (optional)

- Herbal tea (try to avoid drinking too much caffeine on self care days. Try if you can to opt for decaf/caffeine free options)

- Warm bath or shower

- Fresh bed sheets

- Yummy food

- Face masks, pampering products

- Makeup free day (Give your skin a chance to breathe and treat yourself to a face mask or your favourite moisturiser)

- Read your favourite book or magazine

- Try to avoid social media and news programmes 

- Have a right good binge on Netflix movies or you tube videos

- Try and have a nap or an early night

- Take a few moments to meditate, take a slow deep breath in through the nose and slowly out of the mouth 2 or 3 times. If you're feeling extra anxious, try to do this a few times a day to help calm your body down together with drinking Chamomile tea. 

The aim of the game with all this is to completely re-charge your batteries and give your mind and body a complete rest. 

So that's what I do to relax and unwind on my self care days, what do you do? leave your comments below or tweet me 

Happy pampering and remember, you deserve it!

Thanks as always for checking out my latest post, see you in the next one x 

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