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Update: I wasn't sure whether to write another post or just to update this one. I decided to update this one. The sad news is that the amazing Daniel Thomas has passed away today. He was surrounded by his wonderful family and beautiful wife Becca this afternoon when he left this world.

I only found out about it a few hours ago when a video recorded by his family had popped up on my phone. My heart sank because I knew that the sad time that we'd all been dreading had come.

As you may know, Dan's condition went into decline pretty fast a few days ago and he had to go to the hospice. Dan ever being the fighter and tough cookie hoped to be in there for a few days and return home.

After further tests had revealed that the cancer was now out of control and that he could no longer eat properly, Dan had posted his last video and mentioned that his brother was taking over his Instagram so that he could update his supporters.

It's a horrible loss of such an amazing person and true to his word, right up to the last moment, he shared with the world the real story about what it's like to go through cancer.

He's left an amazing legacy behind and all his blogs, videos, pictures are still up online where they will remain for years to come, to help others going through a similar situation. Dan said that he's recorded videos to be released after he passed away because he wanted his channel to continue to grow and help people.

His family are going to continue Dan's work. All of Dan's links are included in my previous post below so please check them out and see for yourself (if you haven't had the chance to view his videos etc before) what an amazing person he is/was.

RIP Dan (Ta Ta, buh, bye)

(Original post)

So, like thousands on social media you'll no doubt have heard of the inspirational 'Daniel Thomas' otherwise known as Peeweetoms

I've been thinking a lot about people who are amazing role models and truly inspirational and Daniel is certainly one of those people. You may remember my post about the beautiful warrior Emily Hayward and how she inspired so many people to go out there, live their lives and be who they want to be. Take life by both hands and treasure each moment. 

Like Emily, Daniel is bravely fighting that horrific disease cancer. I have so much hatred for cancer and like so many people, have lost loved ones, friends and seen amazing people with everything to live for taken too early because of it. I wish and pray that a cure could be found everyday. I read today that a lovely woman with a family at only 40 years old has passed away this morning and it's so heartbreaking.

There are people who are lucky enough to win the battle and come through it. Some have to fight it again. With Emily cancer came back so many times and she somehow had this amazing strength to fight time and time again.

Daniel has had one hell of a battle too over the past few years with numerous operations, travelling up and down the country, drug trials, good news one minute, bad news the next. He's currently in London awaiting results of his recent emergency scan and to see whether the doctors can help prolong his life for a bit longer.

Some people are inspired by Makeup gurus and people who tell jokes online but to me the real inspirational people are the likes of Emily and Daniel. Emily and Daniel as well as other brave people on social media have used their experiences to help others who may feel alone in what they're going through, not sure what to do, feeling isolated and going through depression. 

I have learned so much just from watching Daniel and Emily's videos. Their video's are not just about that horrific disease, medical procedures and hospital visits, there's fun, laughter, inspirational moments . You learn a lot about yourself and look at life in a different way and really see what is important in life. 

I really hope by some miracle that Daniel gets some kind of fantastic news, he's done so amazing so far and lived longer than the doctors had predicted. Like Emily he seems to just keep on going and has such fighting spirit with a joke and a laugh for everyone, even at hard times. 

I hope that those who might not have heard of Peeweetoms  will go and have a little gander at his social media platforms and show him some love, keep him in your prayers because he really does deserve it!

You can find Daniel at:

You can also find all of Emily's video's here 

Make the most of each moment. 

Thanks as always for taking time to read my latest post, see you in the next one x 

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