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I'm really excited to start off my series of blogger interviews with the lovely Melita from Melita Latham London 

So without further or do I will let Melita do all the talking now as I've asked her a series of questions to find out more about the blogger behind the blog and look out for her links below at the end of the post.

Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy...

I am Melita Latham, Born in Brighton now live in Essex. I have always loved being by the seaside. 

I love Travel and Fashion and so I have documented about both subjects mostly on my blog and started an online business too which is a huge achievement for me. 

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram 

1) What inspired you to create a blog? 

I love to travel and would often read articles about other people’s experiences about places I have wanted to visit. I figured I’ll write my own blog but in detail. It has evolved into a Lifestyle, Beauty, fashion and Travel blog because why not? I want to share my experiences with people and what better way to do it than blog.

2) What are your favourite type of posts to write? 

Recently I have started an online business specialising in Travel Accessories. It has had a massive impact on my life, well being is important so I like to write about how I feel and what I have been doing to overcome obstacles in business and life and I also write about things to make me feel better.

3) What has been your most favourite blog post that you've written to date?

Travelling to Dubai has been one of my favourite places to write about from the Travel perspective but the launch of my online business was such an achievement for me

4) What is your favourite social media platform and why? 

Twitter, I love the fact you can interact with anyone at anytime. It’s a minefield of information. I especially love connecting with people who have similar interests and starting up a conversation with them. I am also learning how to use Pinterest. Slowly but surely, getting there.

5) What is your least favourite social media platform and why? 

Facebook, I just have never been a huge fan unfortunately. I came across more and more negative comments than positive so never put as much effort into using it for that reason.

6) What are your favourite things about autumn? 

Fallen leaves, scarfs and beanie hats. Log fires and cuddles on the sofa with candles lit for a cosy night in. I love Autumn.

7) What are your plans for Halloween?

 I plan to have a Halloween house party, I am looking at some house decorations to buy and make Halloween themed cakes. I’m thinking spiders and webs, fancy dress and A LOT of face paint. I think I’ll even blog about it.

8) Which brands would you love to collaborate with? 

I would absolutely love to collaborate with Fitness brands. I love to run and keep fit so sweat pants and a good running top is essential so any brands that can offer comfy fitness outfits I am all for collabs. 

9) Have you ever had a bad experience with a brand? if so, what happened? (you don't have to include the name);

 Fortunately I haven’t yet but it is perhaps it’s because I am very particular with who I work with. 

10) If you've collaborated with a brand, which one has been your favourite so far?

 I’ve loved working with a few brands, Kiss Nail and Eyelashes was one, I travelled to London and met some amazing people too. On a side note I have worked with some great PR companies. Melita Latham London http://melitalathamlondon.comis working with a Boxed Out PR and they work with some amazing bloggers.
11) Are you taking part in Blogmas this year? 

I will give it my best shot. I want this to be the best Christmas this year so I will be attempting to Blog & Vlog daily.

12) What do you think of beauty advent calendars? 

I absolutely love all things Christmas, I will be keeping my eyes out on advent calendars.  I have found a local company that make candle advent calendars so instead of perhaps beauty I may go for this…Watch this space.

13) Favourite Horror movie?

 I am a lover of Thriller movies mostly but the best horror movies are probably the Halloween films. It’s the creepy music that gets me. Gah! Scary!

14) Favourite Christmas movie?

 It’s a wonderful life, A really old but beautiful movie. Every Christmas I watch this and the Sound of music. I sing at the top of my voice at every song. “The hills are alive…”

15) Favourite Christmas song? 

White Christmas and The Christmas Song. In fact I love all things Christmas.

16) Christmas or instore? 

Both, I love shopping instore because of the festivities that go on around the towns and in the high streets. Oxford Street & Brighton are just amazing at Christmas time. Online you can get some great deals but I like to do that early.

17) Favourite hot drink during autumn/winter?

 Spiced Latte and lots of Marshmallows in my hot chocolate. 

18) Favourite scented candle? 

Anything Fruity like Cherry but I do love the smell of Cinnamon for Christmas time.

19) Fluffy socks, slippers or both? 

You have to have both. Fluffy socks for when you take your slippers off and big slippers to keep your toes even more toasty.

20) Favourite posts to read by other bloggers? (for example: personal posts, shopping hauls etc) 

I love reading about Beauty tips and home cooking. I am a terrible cook so it’s great to read about others trying out new recipes for the first time. I also love shopping Hauls ranging from high street brands along with high end products.

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