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I'm back again with another interview post, this time featuring the lovely Victoria from Lylia Rose / Healthy Vix and Wood Create 

Grab some tea, relax and get to know Victoria better. Look out for her social media links at the end of the post and be sure to give her a follow.

Hello, I'm Victoria and I'm a full time blogger. I run two blogs called 'Lylia Rose' and 'Healthy Vix'. I've been blogging for five and a half years. I also manage my husband's business blog so I write for 3 blogs in total. It's busy! I also have two young children to keep me on my toes when I'm not blogging. If I have any spare time then you'll find me at that gym. 

1) What inspired you to create a blog?

I first started a business blog for an online jewelry shop and I just loved blogging! I knew I just wanted to start blogging about other things and so started a fashion and beauty blog as these were the only sorts of blogs I'd seen and I wasn't sure what to blog about. Then I had the revelation to make it more of a lifestyle blog and enjoyed it so much more, writing about things I'm passionate about. Now my blog Lylia Rose is mostly about making money online, healthy living and home/garden blog as these are the things that I'm most passionate about currently. My biggest passion is healthy living so I started Healthy Vix early this year to have a blog that's totally this niche. I love to write so this also inspires me to blog as I could write all day long. 

2) What are your favourite posts to write?

I love writing about things that I'm currently most passionate about as I always have so much to say about these things and they are what I'm researching and learning about at this time. So at the moment I love healthy living and a plant based diets since being vegan for 8 months and vegetarian for 5 years prior to this. I also love making money online and share how it's going regularly as well as all the different ways of making money at home I discover. Writing about the things I'm doing and currently interested in makes my posts so much easier to write and natural as they are relevant to me now.

3) What has been your most favourite blog post that you've written to date?

'5 tried and tested ways to make money as a UK stay at home mum' is probably my most popular and favourite at the moment. It's quite a recent post, but it's so inspirational to see that you can make money at home if that's your goal. It's a reminder to me that I've been able to make my dream earning a living at home a reality. You can read it here 

4) What is your favourite social media platform and why?

I love instagram! It's a great way to share more personal updates and things I don't normally write about or share on my blog such as the food I'm eating. Being a vegan and even being veggie, people would always ask what I ate as If I could only eat grass...!

5) What is your least favourite social media platform and why?

Facebook! I only use it for the blogging groups. I am only friends with my husband on it and I have no interest in using it for personal use. I used to and it drove me mad in the end so I deleted my account. I only opened one again last year so I could join in with the blog groups which are so valuable. So it does have some use!

In 2016 I wrote this post on why I hate it from a personal point of view here 

6) What are your favourite things about autumn?

Wrapping up warm in cosy socks, boots and my blanket scarf. The smells of log fires and bonfires. Fresh mornings and crunchy leaves. 
7) What are your plans for Halloween?

Only to carve a pumpkin with my children. We don't usually do anything for Halloween. It's not something I'm very fussed about.

8) Which brands would you love to collaborate with?

My favourite are independent natural beauty and vegan healthy snack brands. I love discovering new ones with thanks to my blog and trying new ones. 

9) Have you ever had a bad experience with a brand? is so, what happened? (You don't have to include the name of the brand)

I had one brand that sent me some natural beauty products to try and they made my face bright red and burn. I told them I won't be reviewing because of what happened to my skin, but they just ignored my email. I didn't find that very professional at all. I'd have expected a massive apology and look into their formulation. I have very normal skin and have never had a reaction like that to anything before, so it was out of the ordinary and should have been investigated. 

10) If you've collaborated with a brand, which one has been your favourite so far?

There are so many! I work with brands on a weekly basis so it's hard to pinpoint a favourite. One of the favourite products I've received though is a Hepburn radio. It's one of those cool retro looking DAB radios and I love it! I play music via bluetooth from my phone on it and it looks really cool in our living room. 

11) Are you taking part in Blogmas this year?

No I've not done it before, but then I tend to post everyday anyway, Sometimes more than once a day! I write three blogs at the moment so there's usually a post to write for one of them at least once a day.

12) What do you think about beauty advent calendars?

I only use natural beauty products so the mainstream calendars are of no use to me. I think they should be good value for money thank you would if you bought each item separately., but after seeing a scandal about them last year it seems some actually overpriced and you get very little for your money. 
13) Favourite horror movie?

I can't watch them now as they freak me out too much, but when I was younger I loved them! Paranormal Activity and Final Destination are some of the last ones I remember watching and loving.

14) Favourite Christmas movie?

It has to be Elf, I have to watch it every year and I laugh every time.

15) Favourite Christmas song?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (and pretty much any other song from Home Alone, the ultimate Christmas film)

16) Christmas shopping....Online or In store?

Online! I've already started and only have a couple more presents to buy!! they're wrapped up and everything!! 

17) Favourite hot drink during autumn/winter?

Raw cacao powder mixed with warm almond milk - dreamy.

18) Favourite scented candle?

At Christmas it has to be a Mulberry spiced scent.

19) Fluffy socks, slippers or both?

Fluffy socks!

20) Favourite posts to read by other bloggers?

Lifestyle posts with a bit of humour!
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