Ignorant Bloggers are the worst!

Ever had one of those awkward moments where you follow a fellow blogger, retweet some of their posts and even leave a comment/subscribe to their blog and they just.....ignore you?

I've seen this quite a few times but since I've been making more of an effort to join in on the 'Blogger follow trains & chats' on twitter, I'm seeing it more.

I used to hold back on joining in chats because I did worry how people would respond to me. I had a negative experience when I first started blogging a few years back, when I tried to hold a twitter chat and a few bitchy bloggers spoiled it lol! But anyway, that's old news but I did keep away from some of the chats for quite a while.

What makes me laugh is, the bloggers who show no appreciation to their fellow bloggers are the same ones who say they want to connect with more followers (whilst constantly plugging their Instagram etc). I bet you a tenner that these are the same kinds of people I moaned about in my Instagram post, the 'follow me and I'll wait till you follow so I can unfollow you' crowd. 

I don't get it personally. Maybe they're not interested in my content and that's fine, you don't have to follow everyone but a thank you or a little return of the favour (a retweet or comment on the blog just as common courtesy)

Whenever someone retweets or leaves a comment on my blog, follows me. I follow back and return the favour. I follow all types of blogs and all types of bloggers, I thought that was what the blogging community was all about? everyone trying to support each other and fairness?

Well, I'm just going to be careful with who I give free promo to next time (lol). It's all well and good being a supportive blogger but make sure that you get some support too!

Rant over! 

Oh and btw! I love chatting to everyone so don't ever think you'll get the cold shoulder from me and don't forget if you're looking for another RT account to follow & share your posts, check out @TheBloggersPost and don't be shy come and say hi (lol) on Twitter and we'll connect (sounds like a dodgy dating app but you know what I mean)

To the bloggers who continue to support each other fairly and build a positive side of the blogging community, I salute you! 

I would love to hear your comments on this down below, or in a post or tweet! 

Thanks as always for checking out my latest post, see you in the next one x 

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