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Come wind, rain or shine, it's important to look after your skin. I'm one of those unlucky people that suffers from dry skin and in times of stress it can get worse! I always try to find products that take care of my skin all year round, not just for autumn and winter.

I like to switch my skincare up with the changing seasons but I also like having a few of my tried and trusted products in there which I continue to use throughout the year.

Lotil have been creating amazing skincare for over 100 years. Lotil products also contain anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which help protect your skin from infections as well as keeping the skin moisturised. 

I love products that are easily absorbed, there's nothing worse than a cream that takes ages to settle into your skin and leaves a sticky, oily residue. Lotil absorbs into the skin and takes care of those dry, bothersome areas and leaves you with long lasting smooth, comfortable feeling skin.

It's great for all areas of the body, which I love because I often suffer from dry hands, elbows and knees and in times of stress, I can get dry skin on my stomach and upper arms too. 

In regards to the scent of the products, there is a slight antiseptic smell to them which I didn't mind but some people who are sensitive to certain smells or are looking for something unperfumed may want to try a tester first to make sure that the scent doesn't bother them. Lotil products also come in all sizes which is perfect if you're travelling or limited to space. 

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Here's to no more dry skin days!

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