Buying Instagram Followers?

 I've been feeling really bad lately for some of the bloggers who are trying to get more support on Instagram. I see them promoting their Instagram links daily, numerous times and then seeing their tweets about the lack of support getting them down. 

This was me this time last year. I promoted my Instagram till the cows came home lol and it was stressful for me. I'd have people following me and then when I followed them back, they'd unfollow. I don't want to go into all the things that drove me mad about it cause you'll already know, you've probably seen and been through a few of them yourself. You think you've hit your goal and the next day you wake up to find you've been unfollowed by about 5 people (it especially sucks when it's 5 fellow bloggers).

Being a blogger there can be pressure to have huge numbers of followers on all social media platforms esp Instagram. When it came to collaborations I'd find myself hitting a brick wall because certain brands only tend to work with bloggers who have a huge Insta following.
 After a few weeks of endless promoting my Instagram page, I found out that quite a number of bloggers were actually buying their followers. I couldn't believe it! The pressure to have a popular Instagram account was driving people to cut corners and buy their followers. There was also the pressure of buying expensive designer items just so you could stick a picture of it on Instagram and get a few likes. 

I felt bad for the bloggers who'd worked hard to gain their following but on the other hand I could understand why some people would feel so pressured that they would give up and finally buy a few followers just to get the numbers up. 

I'll tell the truth, after all the stress I was actually thinking about buying followers, obviously I didn't but it got to the point where I was seriously considering it. I was upset at the time that bloggers that I had supported were not supporting me back and the whole situation became really negative for me. It was stressing me out and affecting my health so I had a really good think about things and just deleted the Instagram account and took a big step back from blogging.

What was supposed to be a short break turned into 6 months. I was still active on my twitter accounts but I just didn't blog for a long time. 
There have been moments when I have thought about starting up another Instagram again but to be honest, I don't think I'm up to it. I know it's seen as better for the blogger if they're active on all social media platforms but trying to build up and maintain a huge following on all those platforms is a lot of pressure and the blogging world can be a bit 'dog eat dog', people following, waiting till you follow back and then unfollowing etc. 

So does not having a Instagram affect me as a blogger? To be honest it hasn't, it hasn't stopped me from having collaborations. I post my pictures here and on Twitter & Google+ My favourite platform, that I enjoy using is Twitter. I like having proper engagement with people and brands. My blog is something I enjoy doing in my spare time and of course I would like to see it grow and grow but If it doesn't, that's fine. I'm happy and grateful for the people who do read my blog and I enjoy writing my blog posts whereas last year I felt so much pressure to be big on Instagram.

I'm not a fan of Instagram anyway. There's some beautiful instagram accounts out there (especially the ones I've listed at the end of this post, go show them some love!) and 'natural' ones that should have huge numbers of followers but sadly they don't. There's so much fakery going on with over-photoshopping everything and too much importance on how many likes someones picture gets. It's not for me. 
So if you're wondering why my Instagram suddenly disappeared or why I don't follow you on Instagram, now you know, it's because I don't have one lol. I've always been a bit of a rebel anyway, just cause everyone else seems to have Instagram doesn't mean that I have to have it. I guess the moral of the story is, don't put pressure on yourself. You don't have to have huge numbers on all your platforms, you don't even have to be on every single social media platform. Do what feels right for you.

 Have a look at the list of some of my favourite bloggers below and show them some love. Leave your Instagram link in the comments or send me them on Twitter I'll be happy to share. It would be nice if Instagram became a more, realistic, positive and supportive place (I know there must be some out there that love it but from what I've seen it can be stressful for some bloggers). 

Check out these lovelies and their fantastic Instagram pages:

- Sophie from Soinspo can be found at: 

- Laura from Miss L J Beauty can be found at: 

- Laura from Merkitty can be found at: 

Are you a fan of Instagram or do you struggle with it? Leave your comments below or send me a tweet I'd love to hear your views on it.

See you in the next post x

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