40 #BLOGTOBER post ideas

I'm in the middle of planning my #Blogtober posts for next month and I've noticed that a few bloggers are struggling to think of ideas so I thought I would share some of mine to help. It can't be easy to come up with 31 blog post ideas on the spot but hopefully you'll find some of my ideas useful.

For those who don't know what #Blogtober is, it's basically the same as #Blogmas where bloggers share a post every single day of October. The posts don't have to be all Halloween or Autumn related, you can post whatever you like. I've managed to come up with 40 from beauty to lifestyle & various topics. Hopefully you'll find them useful. 

So grab your pen and notepad and jot down some (or all) of these ideas to give you a head start! I'm looking forward to seeing all these #Blogtober posts!

1) Halloween make up looks
2) Favourite autumn pampering products
3) What's in your autumn makeup bag?
4) Favourite autumn lipstick looks?
5) Favourite autumn nail looks?
6) Autumn evening routine?
7) Favourite food/drinks in autumn?
8) Autumn wardrobe looks?
9)  Halloween tag
10) Favourite horror movies?
11) Bloggers interviews
12) Guest posts
13) Top 10 Halloween songs
14) Plans for Halloween
15) Favourite Halloween candy/sweets
16) Worst Halloween experience?
17) Favourite memories of past Halloweens
18) Favourite Halloween blogposts
19) Bloggers who inspire you
20) Favourite you tubers of the moment
21) What do you love most about Halloween?
22) What do you dislike about Halloween?
23) What do you love about autumn?
24) What do you dislike about autumn?
25) Top 10 favourite horror books
26) Top 10 favourite horror movie characters
27) Recommendations on movies to watch on Netflix?
28) Recommendations on Documentaries to watch on Netflix?
29) Favourite Halloween makeup tutorials from fellow bloggers
30) Favourite Halloween inspired recipes
31) Get to know me tag
32) Create your own tag 
33) Favourite products of the month
34) Popular things that irk you
35) Autumn scented candle wish list
36) Autumn beauty product wishlist
37) Autumn lifestyle product wishlist
38) Autumn skincare routine
39) What's in your bag
40) Stationery wish list 

If you're taking part in #Blogtober send me your links & I'll retweet on: @CaledonianTweet and @TheBloggersPost 

Here's to a fun October!! 

See you in the next post x

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