The positives & negatives of blogging part 2: positives

So here it is, as promised. Part 2 of my 'positives & negatives' of blogging.  In the first post I talked about the negatives and it felt quite theraputic to be honest. I hope you took something from it as well but now it's time to put our cheery hats on lol and look at the positive side of blogging.

The positives of blogging: 

- First of all, having a blog can be very therapeutic. It's your little corner of the internet and you can talk about what you want, design it how you want and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you've built this thing from scratch.

- I talked a lot about working with dodgy brands/PR's in my last post but there are really good brands/PR's out there who are an absolute dream to collaborate with. Like I said in the last post, it's the yin and the yang. 

- There are kind bloggers out there who are supportive whether it be a nice comment on your blog or retweeting your post. There are some fabulous people out there who just want to get along with everyone. Focus as much as you can on these types of people and ignore any negativity that is going on.

- Having a blog is a great thing to add to your CV if you feel comfortable to do so. You've worked so hard in creating your blog and promoting it, there's so many skills involved, don't be afraid to show it off. Many bloggers have gone on to greater things because of their blogs.

- The great thing about blogs is that there's so many different ones and they really do help people, especially ones that are focused on mental health, cancer awareness etc. Courageous bloggers who openly share their experiences in a way to help others is wonderful and I wish there was more awards out there for such people. 

- I mentioned before about the skills and including your blog on your CV but all the skills you used in everyday management on your blog can help improve your performance in other areas of your life such as your place of employment and networking.

- Sometimes fabulous opportunities can pop up or you get to meet some really lovely people through your blog. 

So there's some positives to help balance the negatives of the last post. If you think I've left out any positive aspects of blogging, let me know in the comments below, dm me on twitter or email me. It would be interesting to hear what your thoughts on blogging are.

As always thanks for checking out my latest post, see you in the next one x 

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